Couple makes $15K a month dressing up dog online

One New York couple has a pet project that's simultaneously ridiculous and ridiculously lucrative: Former designers Yena Kim and David Fung are raking in between $10,000 and $15,000 a month dressing up and photographing their 5-year-old Shiba Inu—raking in cash to the point that the Daily Dot reports that the couple have quit their day jobs to photograph their pup full time.

Bodhi—named after Patrick Swayze's surfer character in Point Break, Fast Company reports—happens to be able to sit still, wear (mostly Fung's) clothes and even glasses, and apparently look ridiculously cute doing it.

Kim and Fung first started photographing Bodhi in the spring of 2013, more as a "gag" than anything else, Fung says, but their photos touched a nerve on social media.

Bodhi, operating under the online name Menswear Dog, boasts roughly 150,000 followers on Instagram and 224,000 on Tumblr, and 91,000 likes on Facebook. He brings in the big bucks thanks to ad campaigns for the likes of Coach, American Apparel, Brooks Brothers, Purina (with whom they have a monthly contract), and others.

He has also graced the pages of GQ, Nylon, Time, Esquire, and more. The Menswear Dog book—because of course there is one—is due out next month.

(One man recently gave his dog mouth-to-snout CPR.)

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