Best high-tech summer gear

Summer is the time for camping, beach-going and barbecuing! From high-tech towels to stargazing apps, these 15 gadgets will help bring your summer activities to the next level.



    The Sandusa Sick of lugging around a wet, sandy towel after spending a day at the beach, one Australian created a waterproof, sand-resistant beach towel. One side is terry cloth and behaves like a typical towel, while the other side is made of Nylon, designed to repel water and unwanted sand. The Sandusa is currently not for sale, but Brown is trying to raise $50,000 for the project on IndieGoGo.
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    Sky Map This free iPhone and Android-friendly app turns your smartphone into a chart of stars and planets. Simply point your phone at the sky and the app will tell you what constellations or planets you are looking at. Ideal for camping, this app will show you the location of meteor showers, moon phases, planets and more!
    Sky Map Devs


    BioLite CampStove Cook your food and charge your gadgets at the same time with the BioLite CampStove. This nifty device is quick and easy to light and does not use petroleum. While you are toasting marshmallows, the BioLife stove converts heat into usable electricity to charge your phone. The CampStove is not only for campers; the device can be used during a blackout or storm and help keep you and your electronics charged until the power is back up.


    Kaos Catapult Water Balloon Slingshot Summer is not complete without a proper water balloon fight. Bring you’re a-game with Kaos Catapult 3 Person Water Balloon Slingshot. Enlist two friends to help you launch the balloons up to 300 feet! The catapult also includes 50 biodegradable balloons so you can start your clean, green water fight right away.


    Swedish FireSteel Forget flint stones; this compact gadget is designed to start fires in any weather condition and at any altitude.
    Light my Fire/


    iPhone Fan Beat the heat with this personal fan that attaches to your iPhone. The iPhone Fan is designed to use minimal battery power and works with all Apple smartphones.


    NDuR Survival Straw Whether you are camping, on a hike or stranded on a desert island, this straw can save your life. Don’t waste your time building a fire and boiling water for drinking; the NDuR Survial Straw instantly kills up to 99.9999% of viruses and bacteria. Made from BPA-free plastic, the Survival Straw filters up to 25+ gallons of water before needing a replacement and only costs $29.99.


    Pelican ProGear™ 35QT Elite Cooler This cooler is not for the fainthearted. With a whopping 7-10 day ice retention ability, the Pelican ProGear Elite Cooler will put your cooler to shame. Ideal for campers, beach-goers and fisherman, the cooler will keep your food and beverages safe from the summer heat Bonus? This cooler is assembled in the USA.


    Solar Powered Fan Hat Summer time means outdoor concerts, carnivals and sporting events. Bring along this baseball cap with a solar-powered fan and keep your noggin cool from the relentless sun.


    Fenix GPS Watch Never get lost again with Garmin’s Fenix GPS Watch. Take it camping, to the beach or on a scenic family-drive; the Fenix will help guide you to your destination and calculate how many calories you burn at the same time.


    NiteCore P25 "Smilodon" 860 Lumen Tactical Flashlight Packing for a camping trip or looking to add to your zombie survival kit? NiteCore’s Tactical Rechargeable LED Flashlight is perfect for both. Water, dust and impact resistant, this flashlight is rechargeable and allows you to see up to 283 meters away.  It also boasts a 325 hour battery life and 8 different rapidly switchable brightness levels.


    Vacation Vault Hiding your phone and wallet in the tip of your shoes is not foolproof method of keeping your belongings safe on the beach. The Vacation Vault securely attaches to almost anything and will keep thieves away while you catch some waves.


    iGrill Never worry about burning your meat on the grill this summer with the iGrill thermometer. Purchase the gadget, download the app and monitor your meat up to 200 meters away via Bluetooth.


    AMPHIBIAN Waterproof Case Keep your phone safe dry this summer whether you are at the beach, sipping lemonade by the pool or enjoying whitewater rafting.
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