Best Gadgets for Mother's Day

Moms like to pretend that they’re not into technology but I know better. Mine tried to steal my iPad last time I visited! What should you get for your mom this year? 


    Moms Need Tech Too

    Moms like to pretend that they’re not into technology but I know better. When I visit, I know my mom is always sneaking a peek at the latest gadget in my bag. She tried to steal my iPad the last time I was home! The problem is that there are so many gadgets to chose from, it’s hard to pick a few that make mom’s life better. Fear not, I’ve narrowed it down to a few great gadgets for Mother’s Day.

    Get Mom an iPad

    If my mom is any indicator your mom will love this device. iPads aren’t meant to replace laptops or desktop computers; instead they’re a great tool to access the Internet. Mom will love being able to surf the web, read e-mails, and flick through photos, music and video. Once she gets her hands on it she’s going to be busy for hours. Get her the Wi-Fi version if you think she'll only use it at home.

    A Digital Photo Frame?

    The Kodak Pulse is one of my favorite new photo frames because it takes the guess work out of getting pictures on the frame. It’s incredibly easy to use. Family members can send photos to mom’s frame no matter where they live: Just e-mail them to a special address that mom sets up, and voila! The photos show up in her slideshow. 


    I’m not usually a fan of celebrity-endorsed gadgets, but these stylishly designed ear buds are a home run. The eccentric singer Lady Gaga partnered with Dr. Dre to bring these jewel-shaped earbuds to head-bobbing moms everywhere. Monster makes the Lady Gaga Heartbeats, which is good news because the company makes a high-quality listening experience. Now mom can listen to her iPod and make a fashion statement at the same time.
    Monster Audio

    A Videophone

    Moms love to call their kids -- sometimes too often, some may joke. But what’s better than hearing a child’s voice? Seeing his face. Get mom this simple to use wireless Skype phone from ASUS and she’ll be up and videochatting in no time. I tested this video phone with my mom and had her do the whole set up process, she had no problems and we were Skyping in a few minutes. All she needs is a free Skype account.
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