Amazing ships of the future

Ships of the future often resemble spacecraft, and look set to revolutionize ocean travel over the coming years. Here are some of the most amazing designs.



    SeaOrbiter, the brainchild of Jacques Rougerie, will fulfill multiple tasks, including serving as a mobile underwater home, a space simulator capable of accommodating astronauts, and a scientific platform providing insight into the ocean ecosystem.(SeaOrbiter/Jacques Rougerie)
    SeaOrbiter/Jacques Rougerie

    Huge Undersea lab

    SeaOrbiter is also described as a multimedia communications platform that can provide a constant flow of educational programs and information to the public. The vessel will also function as a laboratory and underwater base for deploying vehicles. (SeaOrbiter/Jacques Rougerie)


    Designed by Paris, France-based Vincent Callebaut Architectures, LilyPad is described as a “floating ecopolis for climatic refugees.” (VINCENT CALLEBAUT ARCHITECTURES -WWW.VINCENT.CALLEBAUT.ORG)


    Norwegian ship designer Lade AS has a futuristic design for cargo vessels, which uses the ships’ hulls as a sail. Inspired by sailboats and aerospace, the ‘Vindskip,’ with its hull shaped like a symmetrical air foil, is designed to use the wind for propulsion.  (Copyright Lade AS)

    High-tech hull

    Lade AS says that the Vindskip’s hull will generate aerodynamic lift, giving a pull in the ship’s direction. (Copyright Lade AS)

    Rolls-Royce ship design

    Rolls-Royce has unveiled a number of concept designs for remote controlled ships, which are being touted as cheaper, safer, and more environmentally friendly than traditional vessels. (Rolls-Royce plc)

    Revolutionary remote controlled ship designs

    “Now it is time to consider a roadmap to unmanned vessels of various types,” says Rolls-Royce. (Rolls-Royce plc)
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