8 Ways to Make Siri Smarter

At first I was skeptical about Siri, Apple's voice-powered assistant for the iPhone 4S. Despite having a sense of humor ("Two iPhones walk into a bar") she was only moderately useful. But then she got to know my voice and the accuracy improved—and I started to see the light. Before I knew it, I was composing text messages and emails via voice without a second thought. And now I regularly use Siri to set appointments, set my alarm and create little reminders.

For me, the beauty of Siri isn't her ability to answer pretty much anything on "Jeopardy!"—though my 8-year-old is fascinated by all the things she knows that Daddy doesn't. It's about minimizing the number of steps or taps in takes to get things done. With iOS 6 reportedly right around the corner, I wanted to voice my own wish list for adding to Siri's talents. And if Google or Samsung want to use my ideas to beef up Voice Actions or S Voice for the Galaxy S III, that's fine, too.