8 top tech gifts for Dad

In our ever-changing world, technology will never go out of style. Get the perfect gift for the man in your life this year that will wow his technology loving side.

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    Arccos GPS and Stat Tracking System

    Arccos’ 'GPS and Stat Tracking System' helps golfers play better and have more fun by tracking and analyzing their on-course performance. Arccos sensors that attach to your club automatically deliver info on distances hit, club averages, driving accuracy, greens in regulation, sand saves, putts and more. It also offers personalized course management via GPS 2.0, which shows GPS distances to every point on more than 35,000 courses and provides a GPS map of each shot you hit. Price: $299.99
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    Aura Clean Orbital Facial Brush

    Facial brushes are not just for females- men need to care for their skin too! The Aura Clean Orbital Facial Brush comfortably cleanses using a powerful orbital action to do the hard work. Once finished, just drop the brush into the gentle curves of the Aura Clean Station and a UV sterilizer ring bathes all sides of the brush head in pathogen blasting UV-C rays. This kills 99.9 percent of all germs. Price: $199
    TAO Clean
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    Blossom 8 Smart Watering Controller

    No more aimless tinkering with your old sprinkler controller! Blossom eliminates the guesswork of watering systems with clear uncomplicated controls to allow you to refine your watering schedule in seconds. Blossom makes your sprinklers smarter by making all the watering decisions on your behalf. The Smart Watering algorithm gathers local weather data, plant information, and site-specific conditions to formulate and apply adjustments to help you conserve water. The watering system is controlled from your smartphone device. Price: $99
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    iBobber Bluetooth Smart Castable Fish Finder

    For the angler or fisherman on your list, iBobber is for anyone who loves to fish, and wants to catch more of them. Just cast the iBobber and ping! iBobber syncs via Bluetooth Smart and shows you where the fish are. iBobber is simple to use, easy to charge, and can help make fishing more fun than ever. If you already have a boat-mounted fish finder, iBobber is for you too. Price: $99.99
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    Trampolines are not just for kids- this is something dad will enjoy equally as much. Springfree has teamed up with tgoma for this unique fitness experience. For adults, there is tgomaFIT, which lets you exercise with a professional trampoline coach and watch your calories burn in real-time. Choose from 26 trampoline exercises, or select a pre-set workout (Core Workout, Aerobic Fit, etc.). Forget the gym, everything you need is in your backyard. Price: Trampoline and tgoma technology starting at $1,749.
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    SodaStream Power

    This June, address Dad’s hydration needs with a sparkling water maker from SodaStream. Hydration is proven to help with anxiety, stress and energy levels, and sparkling water is a fun way to hydrate. The SodaStream Power lets users carbonate flat water at three distinct levels of fizz with just the touch of a button. Price: $149.99.      
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    iGrill 2 meat thermometer

    This is for the serious griller or smoker in your life. Grill with precision with this Bluetooth Smart-connected grilling thermometer that lets you monitor up to four temperatures right from the free iDevices Connected app. It is equipped with four probe ports, two high temp probes, an illuminated display, magnetic mounting and up to 200 hours of battery life. Price: $99.99    
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    PetPace animal collar

    They say dogs are a man's best friend, so this is a gift for both. Data collected from the PetPace collar is accessible to pet owners via smartphone, and to veterinarians via smartphone and web applications. It is continuously analyzed by a cloud-based analytics engine that examines individual, historical and breed-specific attributes. If the collar detects any abnormalities, an alert is sent in real-time to owners and veterinarians, allowing for prompt attention and treatment of the issue. Users can also track their animal's temperature, pulse, activity, calories burned, positions/posture, and respiration. Price: $149.95 and $14.95 monthly service fee
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