7 great gifts for gamers

Beyond buying pricey games and even more expensive consoles, it can be difficult to know what to get the gaming friend or relative in your life. Here are a few suggestions that we’ve encountered throughout 2013. — Adam Shaw

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    Scuf Hybrid Controllers

    Strictly for the hardcore gamer in the family, Scuf gaming have partnered with Major League Gaming to produce a controller designed with professional gamers in mind. By removing the vibrating features, the controller is lighter, and also includes customizable buttons at the back of the controller, as well as triggers that can be tightened and loosened with an included key. Although many may find most features superfluous, they are undoubtedly cool pieces of kit and will draw the oohs and ahhs of fellow gamers. $125+
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    Gamebooze flask

    One definitely for the adult gamer only. This stainless steel 8oz flask is designed to look like the classic Nintendo Game Boy, and is definitely one to show off to the friends, or simply console yourself when it turns out your princess is in yet another castle… $19.99
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    GUNNAR gaming eyeware

    Staring at a screen all day isn’t the best for your eyes. Due to the intense concentration often required, gaming can be even worse, leading to eyestrain, blurry vision, headaches and other hazards. GUNNAR gaming eyeware claims to take the edge off by reducing harsh artificial light and increasing focus. Although your gaming friend or relative may look a bit silly wearing them, they will certainly thank you when they come through an all night gaming session without having to reach for the Advil. $70+
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    Gamer Grip

    More of a stocking stuffer than anything else, Scuf’s "Gamer Grip" is designed for those who struggle with sweaty hands during gaming sessions, making the controller slippy and harder to handle. “Gamer Grip” is a liquid that dries out the hands, allowing a firmer grip of the controller. The product gives off a nice minty smell, and will also be well received by gamers who have friends with sweaty hands, stopping them from leaving icky prints all over the controller. $12.99
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    Tetris Lamp

    For the Soviet in the family, this set of stackable desklights based on Alexey Pajitnov’s puzzle classic will be just the thing. The lights can be rearranged either as a full block, or whatever customization strikes you, leading to lots of lovely procrastination. Catchy background music not included…. $39.99
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    Retro Gaming Onesie

    From retro controllers to Legend of Zelda costumes, Etsy has a number of delightful onesies for a new baby who you may be keen to start early on the path to being a gamer. Don’t miss the chance to convert them to gamerism at an early age! $15-20
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    Angry Birds Telepods

    These fun toys can be used on their own for younger gamers to play with. However, they can also be scanned into most mobile and tablet devices in order to be ‘teleported’ and played with in various Angry Bird games as well. Great for younger gamers, and also can be used as desk mascots for young-at-heart adult gamers too. $9.99+
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