12 awesome accessories for the new iPad

Apple's latest and greatest iPad tablet goes on sale Friday. And while many will be content with the new Retina screen and quad-core processor, others may have more ambitious plans -- like turning your new iPad into a guitar. This gear will let you get the most out of your new tablet. See more great gear at Uncrate..

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    iTar ($200 and up) We love Kickstarter. For every cockamamie idea (or ten) that gets posted, you see something genuinely interesting. Like the iTar ($200 and up). Submitted by longtime makers of button-based guitar fretboards, the iTar combines one of these legendary 'boards with an iPad case/dock, offering nearly endless possibilities for music creation and manipulation, all while holding something that looks like a guitar, but has an iPad for a body. What could be better?
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    iCade ($100) Looking for a use for your recently replaced original iPad? You could do a lot worse than the iCade ($100). Yet another ThinkGeek April Fools product made real, the iCade lets you slide your iPad down into a retro arcade cabinet dock, connect over Bluetooth, and play a large number of classic arcade games — including many Atari classics like Asteroids — with a full set of arcade-style controls instead of having to use that damn touchscreen.
    Think Geek
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    StompBox ($100) Looking to expand the music creation capabilities of your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch? The StompBox ($100) is a good place to start. This pro-quality foot controller gives you four configurable foot-activated switches to let you switch up your sound in mid-riff, while the included GuitarConnect cable ensures you can keep your guitar, headphones and iOS device in perfect connected harmony.
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    The Belkin Chef Stand ($40) iPads can be super-handy in the kitchen, but do you really want to be touching your tablet with greasy, meaty mitts? We thought not. The Belkin Chef Stand ($40) takes care of the problem by holding your iPad in a chrome-finished stand and providing you with a dedicated stylus that just happens to have magnetic properties so you can turn your iPad 2 on and off without ever touching it. If counterspace is slim, consider the Fridge Mount ($40) or Kitchen Cabinet Mount ($50) instead, and keep everything from Epicurious to ESPN right at your, ummm, stylustips.
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    The iVictrola ($985) We've seen our fair share of non-electronic sound amplifiers, but never one this... grand. The iVictrola ($985) merges an antique Magnavox phonograph horn with two pieces of American walnut along with your iPad to create what's basically a giant megaphone for its normally not-that-loud speaker, filling your space with sound without using a drop of electricity. Available this November in limited numbers.
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    DigiTech iPad Pedalboard ($500) Put the full power of an The Edge-style effects stack at the tip of your toes with the DigiTech iPad Pedalboard ($500). Combining a powerful iPad app that boasts 87 different adjustable pedals, 54 amps, and 26 cabinets with a physical case/interface that provides access to up to ten pedals, one amp, and one cabinet using nothing but your feet, the Pedalboard offers nearly endless creative possibilities. Technical specs include quarter-inch plugs for guitar input, amp and effect loops, output, and external footswitch control, with dedicated stereo XLR and headphone outputs, and even a USB port for audio streaming. And don't worry about stomping next to your iPad — just try not to stomp on it when things get rowdy.
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    The Magnus iPad Stand ($50) Searching for the most minimal iPad stand around? Look no further than the Magnus ($50). Made from pure aluminum and hand-finished to match the iPad almost perfectly, it uses brutally strong neodymium magnets to attach securely to your iPad 2, holding it at a perfect viewing angle while hiding almost completely out of sight. We were about to say that if Apple made an iPad stand, it would look like this — but then we remembered that they do, and that it's made out of the same white plastic as a 2003 iPod dock. Go figure.
    Ten One Design
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    Logitech iPad Keyboard Case ($100) Can't stand the iPad's virtual keyboard? Well, you could lug around both your iPad and a Bluetooth keyboard, or you could just pony up for the Logitech iPad Keyboard Case ($100). Combining a screen cover with a built-in stand and Bluetooth keyboard, this case will keep your iPad 2's front glass from becoming a scratched-up wreck, while offering support while you type away on a real-life physical keyboard.
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    Miniot iPad Cover ($70) Enticed by the idea of Apple's iPad 2 Smart Cover but not really feeling the polyurethane or leather exterior? The Miniot iPad Cover ($70) offers the same functionality — magnets, stands, and all — but is carved from a single piece of the finest woods, turning your iPad into a divine trio of wood, metal, and glass.  
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    The PlugBug ($35) Tired of carrying both a MacBook charger and an iPad/iPhone/iPod charger in your bag every time you leave the house? So were the folks at Twelve South. The PlugBug ($35) is a brilliant solution to this problem, strapping onto your existing MacBook charger to give you a high-power charging port for your iDevice, while still providing the right amount of juice to your laptop, and leaving the second outlet open for other stuff, like your camera.
    Twelve South
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    Numark iDJ Live ($100) Having honed your newly-found DJ skills on your iPad using Djay, are you ready to take the next step and transfer from the virtual to real life controls? Numark iDJ Live ($100) was made for you. Developed in partnership with Algoriddim, the company behind the aforementioned Djay, the iDJ Live connects to your iPad — or iPhone, or iPod touch — via the Dock Connector, and gives you a pair of real performance platters for cueing and scratching, a central mixing section with a crossfader and plenty of buttons and knobs, and a custom audio cable for connecting to speakers and headphones. True, it's not technically a "real" DJ setup, but it's a big step in that direction.
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    V-Luxe iPad Stand ($TBA) Taking the iPad-as-TV-replacement concept to its literal conclusion, the V-Luxe iPad Stand ($TBA) turns your iPad into a '50s style TV set. Available in three finishes — walnut, cherry, or African mahogany — it offers cable access for audio and power, a hidden speaker cabinet that can accomodate low-profile systems, swivel and tilt adjustments, and access to the device's screen and Home button. A great way to repurpose an aging first-gen unit, or a soon-to-be-replaced iPad 2.
    BKNY Designs
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