10 classic Bond gadgets hidden in ordinary items

James Bond has always been known for his magical gadgetry, hiding fantastic wizardry in seemingly everyday objects.

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    Bond and his trusty Walther PPK. No surprises with that one.
    Sony Pictures/YouTube
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    A radio hidden inside a clothing brush allowed Bond to transmit messages in morse code in Live and Let Die.
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    Bond's binoculars in "Goldeneye" had features not too different from Google Glass of the future, allowing auto focus/zoom, a digital camera and a satellite uplink to send visual data.
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    In "Goldeneye," a size-34 leather belt concealed a piton hidden behind the buckle that could fire out up to 75 feet of high tensile wire designed to support the weight of an average person. In "Thunderball," 007 used a rocket belt when escaping after killing Jaques Bouvar.
    Alexander Julian
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    Bonds luxury watches never just tell time. They've come with grappling hooks and laser beam cutters and are sometimes equipped to detonate remote devices.
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    Bond used a Polaroid camera with a built-in laser to take X-ray pictures in "License to Kill."
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    In Octopussy, Bond's Montblanc fountain pen contained a mixture of Nitric and Hydrochloric acids. It also sported an earpiece listening device that worked in conjunction with Bond's wristwatch.
    Mont Blanc
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