Your Grrrs Oct. 16, 2007: Bonaduce Responses and More

Here are some of your GRRRs from Mike's last column...

Griffin N. writes: You think Danny Bonaduce, or anybody else, should allow some guy to jump on top of them, wrap their legs around them and thrust their hips into them in a clearly sexual move?!! Are you insane? Fairplay is lucky he wasn’t charged with sexual assault. Fairplay’s conduct was clearly meant to publicly humiliate Danny Bonaduce in a sexual way, and you may think that’s “playing," but I certainly don’t. It is a vile form of disrespect. Danny had every right to extricate himself from that situation, and if Fairplay unintentionally got hurt in the process, it’s Fairplay’s own fault. Danny Bonaduce could just as easily have suffered a back injury from being jumped on by Fairplay. Now that Fairplay is suing Bonaduce, Bonaduce should make that claim and sue him right back.

MEP in Va. writes: Your columns are great, but what grrrrs me is your way of putting things. "How in the holy living hell does that affect your life?" There is nothing holy about hell. It's wrong to put holy in the same context as hell. Otherwise, you're great at what you do. Just watch the swearing.

The Elviscerator writes: Bonaduce is a cad, but I gained some respect for him, after tossing that [jerk] off his chest and over his head.

Simon writes: Right on about Danny — what a baby — in fact he's just a real mean loser. Why would he toss that guy that way?

Brandi White writes: Enjoy your column, but your opinion of what happened with Danny Bonaduce and Jonny “Reality Guy” was way off. What kind of idiot would think it’s OK to jump someone and start humping him like a dog?? This was not rehearsed or planned, and to Bonaduce it was a shock, and very much unappreciated. The two don’t know each other and were simply part of the same show. Jonny made the decision to cross the line and he got hurt. What happened to taking responsibility for your actions? It was a stupid move and now he’s paying for it. I only hope that whatever judge gets the inevitable lawsuit has a brain and throws out the case.

Tim F. writes: I feel you are completely wrong. I agree with the DA on this. What kind of pervert is the man who jumps on another man and starts pelvic thrusts? That is just plain sick, [especially] to do it on national TV. That is very degrading to the victim. He deserved everything he received. I am not a fan of either one. I heard that the pervert said it was a signature hug. What do you think would happen if he did this to a woman or young teenager? What would it be considered then? The man threw him off, that is it. It is not his fault the perv could not catch himself. I would have done the same thing in that situation. That was the only way to stop such a sick attack on a person.

Tim Lunde writes: I'll tell you what really chaps my hide: The members of Congress — whom we pay six-figure salaries — sitting around debating whether or not to "rename" a historical event. Does the label "genocide" change anything that happened to the Armenians after WWI? Is anyone going to be punished for the mass killings because the U.S. Congress decides the atrocities need to be relabeled? It was a tragic, horrific event that should not be forgotten, but to rename it "genocide" at the risk of enraging one of the Arab countries that we actually get along with is the height of idiocy. Our "new" label will insult people who were not alive to have done anything wrong: what purpose does that serve? I mean, don't they have anything better to do than to anger allies and try to rewrite history with no conceivable upside for the American people?

A frustrated military man: I enjoy the Grrr page very much. I've got a Grrr. I'm a SSgt in the United States Air Force. I am currently deployed to the Middle East; my Grrr occurred on my way to this location. While at the San Antonio Texas airport, I used my government ID card while going through security. This seems to set off alarm bells with these people, because I am always picked out for the full search. This time, the problem was my normal-size deodorant and toothpaste. My Grrr isn't really over the loss of the items or my time; I just think that if anyone should be exempt from these ever-changing rules, it should be military members. Am I really considered a threat to the security of the airports? Doesn't my military ID and ticket showing my final destination not shout out that I'm one of the good guys going over there to help end the problems that brought the restrictions on in the first place?

Also, I'm tired of seeing the trendy little yellow support our troops ribbons everywhere and not getting any "support." Military members don’t ask for much — we don’t expect the red carpet to roll out for us at any time — but something as simple as allowing us to have our deodorant and toothpaste for the two-day journey to the Middle East would be "support."

Pops writes: I could not agree with you more on too many commercials watching any sports. I am one of the old fans who enjoyed watching a game without advertising in every frame of the game. It's all about money now — the players, the teams, even the stadiums names are commercials. Whatever happened to players like Ernie Banks (let's play two) instead of 'I am not playing until I get a multi-million dollar contract'? On a personal GRRR, I would like to see less showboating in-your-face kind of stuff. It takes the game down to a schoolyard level.

Leonard writes: This is exactly the way I feel, and I am glad that someone voiced it publicly through media. These people are not "gods." Actually, I think they are just a bunch of overpaid people who live outside of the bounds of reality. It is pretty sad when the top story is "Britney loses custody of her children." As far as the Al Qaeda videos go, "they probably learned those moves from Kung Fu theater" — LOL. Have a nice day, and keep up the good work.

Amy writes: Ha, ha!!! I love reading your articles. Thanks for the giggles, and letting me know I’m not all alone with all the stupid people in the world!!

Gale S. writes: Good Lord ... I couldn't have said it better if tried. You hit the nail right on the head!!!!!!!!

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