Your Grrrs: Movies, Halloween and More Kiddie Complaints

Here are some of your grrrs from Mike's last column:

Kevin S. writes to Julie H. from last column: What an obliviot. The cost of soda in a restaurant does not just cover the cost of the soda itself, it also covers the wages of the employees, the rent and utilities of the establishment and of course the owner’s profit. Most restaurants have free refills as well. The actual cost of the soda probably works out to around 0.10 a glass, but drinks are one of the most profitable items a restaurant sells. Gross profit on most bar drinks is at least 100 percent or so, that is how restaurants stay in business and keep food costs low. Is that martini going to cost $10 if you make it at home? I don’t think so. Same thing with fast food — get a 69 cent taco but the drink to go with it is $1.29. Wake up and smell the capitalism...

Katherine adds: This for Julie H. who complained about paying $2 for a soda. Get a life girl!! Yes, you can buy a 2 liter for $1.50 in the store and you can also buy a potato for 10 cents and a whole loaf of bread for $2.50. So Julie, sweetie, eat at home. A restaurant owner has to pay for rent, electricity, taxes and payroll.

Becky in Kentucky writes: My daughter, son-in-law, husband and I went to the movies the other night. It was the first time we had been out in a long while, so we were very excited. We got to the theater early to get a "good" seat. As the previews started and the lights dimmed, a man came and sat down in the seat right next to my son-in-law. Although there were several seats available in the row in front of us ... he chose to sit there. That isn't the problem. Once he sat down and got comfy with his drink and popcorn, he commenced to take off his shoes and socks. Yep, he sure did. Then he crossed his legs and kept bumping into my son-in-law with his bare (and not so clean feet). Needless to say, we changed seats. GRRR to the man with the bare feet. That is just gross.

Scott C. writes: Much to my dismay, I see another student being punished for hugging in school! My 5-year-old was recently sent home with a note stating she had gotten in trouble for “inappropriate touching." My wife and I were concerned and wanted to know specifically what she did. We asked our daughter what she did to “get in trouble at school” only to receive a response of “I don’t know." I should mention that I am blessed with a daughter who strives to appease her parents and upon inquiry from her mother, broke down in tears repeating “she didn’t know." I’m at work and tell my wife we’ll address it once I come home. Thirty minutes later, my wife calls and tells me our daughter is now making up “obvious lies” in an effort to “answer our questions." She is now lying in an effort to appease us! I decide now is a good time to go home! When I get home, my wife is at wit's end and in an effort to find out what our “little girl” had done. We decide enough is enough and eventually call her teacher at home. I’m shocked and extremely dismayed to hear she was “hugging Megan B.” (her best friend!) I’ve called every person in her school's administration in frustration explaining to them what an idiot I am for punishing a 5-year-old for hugging another little girl. I know I am lacking in my parental skills at 44 years of age and have seen the error of my ways. I have instructed my little girl that she can’t hug anyone at school anymore. I informed her that the next time she need to express her love of another human being … ask her teacher for condoms or birth control pills! GGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Susan G. writes: I love your voice of reason when it comes to raising children. And thank goodness someone is speaking out about the way young girls dress these days, and the fact that parents don't know how to say no. But a great big fat grrrrrrrr! to Brett S., who responds "I thank God every day I have three boys." PLEASE, Mike. Let's remind parents that we should be raising both our girls AND boys to be respectful of their own bodies as well as those of the opposite sex. I am so sick of hearing parents who allow their 12-year-old sons to watch "Two and a Half Men," where women are objectified and sex is a running joke. These parents also allow their boys to drink, swear and leer at women (with the encouragement of their fathers, usually) and they are promiscuous. WHY? Let's be honest — the parents don't care, 'cause their precious boys can't get pregnant. My sister told me she was relieved when her high school-age son lost his virginity — he had "finally gotten it out of his system." Grrrrrrrr.

Tim R. writes: Let me get this straight. School starts in September. They have two days of school, then they’re off three days for some holiday or another. They get Labor Day off, they get Columbus Day off. Now they have a fall break, too? When do these kids go to school any more? Our tax dollars at work, folks!

DB writes: OK, I’m going to jump on this one too. There are plenty of schools around the country who have year-round school. My kids have been “off-track” since October 18 and go back on November 12 — at which time, another group of kids will be off for 3 weeks ... so people shouldn’t be surprised to see kids on vacation with their families during unusual times of the year.

Sam G. writes: What parent would allow their 9-year-old daughter to dress up as a hooker for Halloween?? Does a 9-year-old even know what a hooker is?? Would they even understand if you explain?? Halloween has gone totally PC. For some idiotic reason, many schools will not allow children to dress up as anything scary (no fake blood, no witches, no zombies, etc.) That is what Halloween is supposed to be. At the rate we’re going, this holiday will be banned soon anyway.

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