Your Grrrs: Jan. 16, 2007

Here are some of your responses to Mike's last column when he was Tasered....

Scott K. in Carmi, Ill: Awesome, Mike. I work as a correctional officer for our local sheriff's department and have received training with the Taser. You're exactly right: It hurts!

However, since we've been issued Tasers, our conflict ratio has decreased significantly. [When] most detainees see that little yellow weapon (ours is bright so they see it right off the bat) sitting in its holster on my belt, they immediately know what the ground rules are. In my opinion, the more people who know about the Taser the better. Great job doing the work for FOX.

Barb writes: Just what, exactly, does a b-tch hurt like? I'm so tired of people just tossing that word around like it's not offensive to anybody. I've got news for you — some of us DO find it too offensive to be used in casual conversation, especially in a column like yours.

Ann writes: How much is that Taser? I sure could put it to good use on a few obliviots!! Not to mention an ex…

Kellie in Olathe: Grrrrr to you, Mike! I was in a perfectly bad mood at work. But I watched your video and read your column and laughed my “you-know-what” off! Grrrr to you for putting me in a good mood — just Grrrrr to you! What else are you going to do?

Zada in Philly: Mike: I've read your Grrr column for a while now and have responded to you a few times (I like the way your mind works!), but I had never seen you walking and talking before, so out of curiosity, I viewed you getting the Taser treatment.

I gotta tell you, for being such a grring kind of guy, you're kinda cute. Now, don't let that go too much to your head, I used to think Mel Gibson was cute, too, until he opened his mouth a few times too many ... hahahaha.

Sherry in Georgia: Hey, Mike, in the law enforcement community, we refer to being Tased as “riding the lightening.” Even big, strong men scream like little girls.

Tim M. writes: Though I liked you already as a journalist, I have a newfound respect for you. While I consider myself brave and up to virtually all challenges I face, I'm just not sure I'd offer up my body for a "planned" electrocution. You are "the man." Have a great day. P.S. I can't wait to see what you take for the team next.

Lori H. in Pacifica, Calif., writes to Julie D. from last column who said: Grrr to Hollywood for the rash of movies we have already seen ... i.e. "We Are Marshall" ... typical football story of a tough coach who inspires his team ....

Julie, what you failed to mention in your little CliffsNotes version of "We Are Marshall" is that it was based on a true tragedy, with most of a high school football team being killed on a plane flight. Guess that would make it just a little different than your run-of-the-mill "tough coach who inspires his team" movie.

Just a suggestion, check into it first — some people like those movies.

Greg G. in Dover, N.H.: In a recent interview in the most publicized rock magazine this week, Self-Righteon Simon Cowell attacked Bob Dylan, saying he prefers Kelly Clarkson's music to Dylan's.

In his words, "A singing poet bores him to tears," I have tolerated his one-sided opinions on American music in the past, but this is uncalled for. Unfortunately, with his celebrity status, he can voice his opinion to the morons who buy "Idol" records.

It is his job to sell poop to middle-class mamas who still spin REO Speedwagon and Styx. People like Simon Cowell and any other idiot who clap their hands with the kick drum instead of the snare deserve Clay Aiken. If they see genius in Ruben Studdard and not "Blood on the Tracks" then we all know that they just didn’t have a wide array of music in their lives growing up.

I understand that the show is "American Idol" and not American Icon! But Cowell's way too influential of a person to be so limited with his addiction to bubble-gum music.

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