Yanks in the RAF

Saturday, November 24 at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. ET

Hosted by Oliver North

In the summer of 1940, Britain stood alone against the Nazi onslaught. Day after day, German bombers pummeled the island nation. Britain’s sole line of defense came in the form of the Royal Air Force, whose brave young pilots swarmed into the skies in their Hurricanes and Spitfires to take on Hitler’s dreaded Luftwaffe.

But what many people don’t realize is that the RAF had a little bit of help. A small group of adventurous American flyboys decided that they wanted in on the fight, even though America hadn’t officially entered the war. A clandestine recruitment program made their dreams a reality, but their violation of American neutrality laws made them criminals back home!

In this exciting episode of “War Stories With Oliver North,” you’ll hear how two-time Olympic gold medalist Billy Fiske risked everything to join the RAF and fight in the legendary Battle of Britain. And you’ll meet Colonel Steve Pisanos, a double ace who bailed out over France and ended up helping the French Resistance sabotage the Germans.

“War Stories” also sat down with some of the surviving members of the all-American “eagle squadrons,” which were formed by the RAF in the fall of 1940. Short on training but with courage to spare, the heroic “eagle squadrons” were instrumental in helping stop Hitler’s Luftwaffe dead in its tracks.

Staff for this episode:

Executive Producer: Pamela Browne

Produced and Written by: Steven Tierney and Martin Hinton

Senior Producer: Martin Hinton

Editor: Josh Parker

Animation: Yong Kim