More X-Men and women, Katie "Big Bucks" Couric and Isaac Hayes in the vibes drenched glow of The Foxlight.

Here's a stunner: There's going to be another X-Men movie. But they're calling it X-2, instead of X-Men 2. And it won't be in theaters until May 2, 2003. Fox says the same cast will be back including Halle "I don't take my top off anymore unless you count Monster's Ball" Berry as Storm and Hugh "I should be the next James Bond" Jackman as Wolverine. Plus, some mutants from the comic books will be added to the movie. New mutants!

Can any of us look at Katie Couric the same way if she starts earning $13 million a year? Forget us, how about Matt Lauer and big Al? You think they're going to be so jovial sitting next to the highest paid television personality?

By the way, the great Tracey Ullman on the Today Show Thursday said things that were funny before Sept. 11 are still funny after particularly "toupees and visible panty lines." Right you are Tracey.

Finally, who's the cat that won't cop out when there's danger all about it's not just John Shaft, it's Isaac Hayes. Black Moses is famous these days as Chef on South Park but he's a legendary composer and recording artist and now he's getting the honor he deserves most induction in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He's a "bad mutha." As Shaft would say, "Damn right."