Would Global Currency Lead to Global Governance?

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GLENN BECK, HOST: Do you remember the Italian lira or the French franc or the Spanish peseta or whatever it was? Those countries don't have currencies anymore. They gave them up for the euro. "Oh, no, no, no," said each government, "We'll never do that."

Well, now, there is call for America to give up our dollar for a global currency. Gee, I think I have read that in a book somewhere. Oh, I remember, the Bible, the scary part. But anyway, that would lead to a global government.

Meanwhile, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner is globetrotting in an attempt to pump up confidence in our dollar. I'm sure Saudi Arabia will believe that tomorrow when he arrives just like the Chinese did when he said that to the Chinese students and they all laughed.

Joining me now, Wall Street Journal's senior economic writer Stephen Moore.

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Stephen, I thought of you this morning, when I was going through all the stuff that had to happen. And I thought, you know, Stephen is going to be able to relate because you and I sat at dinner a few years ago and went, there are no way these clowns will do these things. And they are all happening now. And this is crazy town. Get off the dollar and have a global currency. But I think it's going to happen.

STEPHEN MOORE, SENIOR ECONOMIC WRITER, WALL STREET JOURNAL: Yes, when you started first talking about this a couple of years ago when we first met, Glenn, I thought you were into the black helicopters and the meteor shower crowd.

But you know what? As you look at what has happened over the last three months, it isn't so crazy anymore. It's pretty scary. It is not just the global currency. Look at all the money that we're putting into these global organizations...


MOORE: ...like the IMF, the World Bank, huge amounts of funding for the United Nations, which has always wanted a world governance.

And then, the other piece to this puzzle, two pieces to the puzzle, Glenn, are the Kyoto Treaty, the Law of the Sea Treaty, and of course, what the Congress passed just two weeks ago, which is the cap-and- trade bill, which basically, to make that work, requires a kind of world governance of all energy use.

BECK: Let me go — I'm going to come back to the dollar here for a second.


BECK: But I want to go to where you were talking about and cap-and-trade. Here is what Al Gore said last week — but we were all fascinated by other things that nobody really paid attention to this. This is what he said in London. He said, "I bring you good news from America," and listen to what the good news is:


FORMER VICE PRESIDENT AL GORE: It is the awareness itself that will drive the change. And one of the ways that will drive the change is through global governance and global agreements.


BECK: OK. Then, we have Chirac from 2000 talking about the Kyoto protocol. He said, "This is the first component of an authentic global governance. We have the E.U. environmental minister on Kyoto." He said, "This is about the economy, about leveling the playing field for big businesses worldwide."

Stephen, I have to tell you, there are times that I feel nuts for even thinking this, but you've got to call a spade a spade: Sometimes, I think the people in our government are intentionally trying to trap us into this global government, because it's insane how they're thrashing our dollar.

MOORE: Yes. First of all, Glenn, with respect to cap-and-trade, I mean, Al Gore is right. The only way this works is if you have global governance, where you have a global regulator and global taxer to police every activity of the economy in every corner of the globe. You know, right now, Glenn, all the rest of the countries in the world are laughing at us.

BECK: Oh, I know it.

MOORE: And they're basically amazed that we unilaterally, economically disarmed ourselves with that vote on cap-and-trade. Because you know what? China and India now — I mean, they're licking their chops right now. They know all those jobs are going to go from the United States to China and India.

And they have both announced, Glenn — we're not listening to them. They said, "We will never sign this treaty. We will never subject our economy to this kind of regulation."

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