Worldwide Apathy Over Nick Berg's Beheading?

The Arab news media is busy burying the Nick Berg (search) story as fast as they can

They would like to get him into the ground and forgotten so they can back to their full-throated denunciation, condemnation, and hatred for America over the Abu Ghraib prison (search) abuse.

What the European press and the Arab Press are saying — as if they were one and the same — is that America has finally been exposed as the cruel war-mongering, Iraqi-abusing empire they always thought it were.

The Berg decapitation is an inconvenient digression from the joyful noise about how awful America is and — one supposes — how much better off everyone would be if Saddam Hussein got sprung from jail and reassumed power.

That shows how loony the thought process of our former friends in Western Europe and the Arab world have become...

Berg has got in the way of all that, and the worldwide press — which was so enjoying its stomp-a-thon on America — is hoping we will all forget him quick.

After all, it's guys like the decapitators that our friends in Western Europe and the Arab nations are supporting by opposing America. They don't actually say it, because it's so embarrassing... but that's what it is.

I've been looking at their Web sites — straight reporting about Berg and not much commentary, but still leftover froth about the Abu Ghraib outrage.

One British columnist assured her countrymen that Abu Ghraib is just another example of America's trailer-trash people.

So what does that make the beheaders? Not trailer trash, but maybe terror trash?

That's My Word.

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