'World's Oldest Man' Dies, Claimed to Be 138

The world’s oldest man died after a bout of fever and dysentery, Agence France-Presse reported Wednesday.

Habib Miyan, who lived in the western city of Jaipur of India, claimed to be 138-years-old and was listed in the country’s Limca Book of Records.

However, he did not have a birth certificate and his pension book showed his birth date as May 20, 1879, which would make him 129 years old.

The world's oldest living person is now 115-year-old Edna Parker, a resident of Indiana, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

“If you treat your body well, the body will treat you well,” Miyan used to tell people who would ask him what his secret to longevity was.

Miyan had limited mobility and he had been blind for more than 50 years. He had hip replacement surgery last year, according to media reports.

His wife died about 70 years ago.

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