Words That Shall Not Be Spoken

About Pat Robertson (search) and the fired talk show host Michael Graham (search). These two guys prove that there is truth in the old newsroom phrase, "Those are words that shall not be spoken."

If you think Islam is a terror organization, you could probably find proof to back you up, even though it will offend millions of Muslims who are not terrorists and who even speak out in their own Islamic communities that terrorism is bad. You could say it, but those are probably words that shall not be spoken.

Pat Robertson may also have wandered into this briar patch. Robertson is getting up there in years and maybe he just doesn't care anymore. Or maybe he forgot he speaks before millions and millions of people and there are words that shall not be spoken. So he spouts off about Hugo Chavez (search) and I get this note from a viewer indicating Robertson isn't the only one thinking this way about Chavez.

Perry in Wisconsin writes:

"Chavez is a problem. For those of you on the left wanting to trash Pat, just think of ("taking out" Chavez) as a late term abortion. You will find it far less offensive."

Anybody who has watched Chavez over the last few years has thought, "Uh oh, this guy might be trouble." After all, he speaks of the U.S. in the most hostile terms.

After we floated the idea of a coup against him, I suppose you can hardly blame him. He knows the U.S. has him in the crosshairs, but he ought to be.

He talks about using Venezuelan oil as a weapon against the U.S. How can we take that sitting down? He was just in Cuba praising the communist state as a paradise on earth. Who does he think he's kidding? Only a few editors at the Nation magazine.

Chavez is making a name for himself by making himself an enemy of the United States.

Pat Robertson has it right in thinking we must do something about Hugo Chavez. He may have missed the mark in suggesting exactly what that should be.

Those are the words that shall not be spoken, even by me.

That's My Word.

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