Woody Allen, Kate Hudson and Garth Brooks in the tune-filled glow of The Foxlight.

Woody Allen says he'd love to cast someone other than himself in his movies, but no one plays the shlubby, nebbish older New York guy who is in love with a younger woman better than he does. Okay, maybe I'm paraphrasing a little there. He also says when it come to playing the clarinet, he doesn't really have "the gift" -  he says people come to see him play because he's a movie star.

Hey, wanna be Kate Hudson's personal assistant? It apparently has a lot of perks - beauty salon visits, elaborate meals, massages and first class upgrades. But don't get caught, or you can be almost famous in a lawsuit. Hudson says the assistant did all this without her permission - now they're heading to court.

We knew Garth Brooks had a little Chris Gaines in him, but apparently he wanted to grow up to be a gifted black diva with a troubled marriage. He tells the Calgary Sun that he always dreamed of vocally being a Whitney Houston. He's come to terms - $100 million in album sales later - with what he calls his "garage country" sound. He says that's a sound that's real loose, real loud and real fun. Hey Whitney, did you ever want to sound like that?