Woman Jogging, Listening to iPod Had Legs Severed When Struck By Train

A woman out for jog while listening to her iPod had her legs severed by a freight train because she may not have heard it coming, authorities said.

Cheryl Ann Risse, 32, was recovering at a hospital Friday.

Authorities did not know how she ended up in the path of the train Thursday morning, but rescue workers speculated she did not hear the locomotive coming because she was listening to her iPod.

Risse often jogged across the tracks on her way to a nearby park, said Keyla Concepcion, spokeswoman for the Broward Sheriff's Office.

The train engineer didn't know he had struck Risse until he returned along the same tracks minutes later, Concepcion said.

A passing sheriff's deputy noticed her waving her arms.

"My feet are on fire," she told Tony Long, a battalion chief for Pompano Beach Fire-Rescue, who responded to the scene. "Do you think you can put the fire out? They're really hurting."

The woman was expected to survive.