Woman Hypnotized to Believe She Had Weight-Loss Surgery Loses 55 Pounds

A British woman lost 55 pounds after she was hypnotized to believe that she had weight-loss surgery.

Marion Cornes, 35, said she believed surgeons had placed a gastric band on her stomach shrinking it to the size of a golf ball after paying $1,580 for five sessions with a hypnotherapist.

Cornes decided to have the procedure after her weight ballooned to 216 pounds.

She was hypnotized and talked through every step of the surgery as if she was in an operating room.

She was asked to handle a model of a stomach and gastric band, while the smells and sounds of an operating room were introduced into her room.

"Bizarrely, I can remember every part of the "procedure" -- including being wheeled into (the OR), the clink of the surgeon’s knife and even the smell of the anesthetic," Cornes said.

She said she now feels full if she tries to eat anything other than a small portion of food.

"I've tried every other diet and exercise plan the world has to offer," she said. "I've tried tablets, Weight Watchers, Atkins, Slimfast, milkshakes and even a personal trainer, but none of them helped me."

Cornes had the hypnotherapy last August in Spain. Afterwards, she started losing up to 3 pounds a week.

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