Woman Claims Paramedics' First Aid Was Assault

A Queensland, Australia, woman is suing the paramedics who gave her emergency first aid. According to the lawsuit, Brodie Cambourne, 34, claims her treatment was “unlawful assault and battery.”

Cambourne allege one of the paramedics from St. John Ambulance in Victoria, permanently damaged her shoulder when he assisted her with a dislocated shoulder.

The incident allegedly took place during Rescue ’06, the world-lifesaving championships, which were held at Lorne in February 2006.

Cambourne was surf-skiing and participating in a beach relay and she claims to have dislocated her shoulder during one of the events.

Cambourne said she suffers from ongoing pain and discomfort, a loss of motion and nervous shock ever since the paramedic assisted her.

“We are unaware of the action at this time and so cannot comment,” said Stephen Horton, St. John’s chief executive.

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