Woman Charged With Assault After Trying to Make Allergic Neighbor Eat Peanut

An Ohio woman was charged with aggravated assault after allegedly trying to shove a peanut down the throat of her allergic neighbor, the Cincinnati Enquirer reports.

Robyn Lee, 23, was riding in a car with Shanna Ferguson when she attempted to put a peanut in Ferguson's mouth, the paper said. In an affadavit, Ferguson said she "told her to stop because I was very [allergic] to peanuts. She laughed."

After arriving at a local mall, Lee reportedly continued to taunt her neighbor, throwing peanuts at her and telling her not to "forget about the peanuts." When Ferguson returned to her car to fetch an ATM card, she saw that the windshield wipers were torn off, the car had been keyed and Lee was tampering with the Chrysler's tires, the Cincinnati Enquirer said.

A judge ordered Lee to stay away from Ferguson and set bond at $5,000, the paper said. Ferguson did not appear to suffer any adverse effects from the peanut run-in.

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