Woman Arrested in Murder of Two Midget Mexican Wrestlers

A 65-year-old woman has been detained over the deaths of two midget wrestlers who were found drugged in a Mexican hotel.

The suspect is one of two women caught on surveillance video leaving the victims' low-rent room, Mexico City prosecutors said in a statement.

A post-mortem on the two professional wrestlers, who were twin brothers, detected a substance found in eye drops that can damage the nervous system when mixed with alcohol.

Alberto and Alejandro Jimenez were big stars in Mexico and fought under the names of La Parkita — or Little Death — and Espectrito Jr.

Prosecutors have said gangs of female robbers are experienced at using drugs to knock men out and rob them.

But the women may have used too strong a dose in this instance, the prosecutors added.

The 35-year-olds may have died because of their small stature, although larger men have died in similar crimes.

The brothers' bodies were found by cleaners at the hotel. Tests suggested they had not had sex with the women.

Police located the suspect by tracing calls from a phone belonging to one of the brothers, the statement said. She was arrested on Tuesday.

The victims were veteran stars of the Lucha Mini world of midget wrestling.

The sport had a huge following in the 1950s and 60s, but its popularity has died out across much of the world — however, it still has a huge following in Mexico.

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