Wisconsin Cop Accidentally Tases Self

Don't `Tase' yourself, bro'.

Adding insult to injury, the Madison Police department issued a letter of reprimand after an officer was injured in the hand from accidentally discharging a Taser during a standard checkout procedure.

The incident happened July 31 but was revealed in a department report dated Nov. 1 and released Monday.

The department omitted the officer's name and gender, as it regularly does when it releases reports of officer reprimands.

According to a summary of the investigation, officers are required to make sure no air cartridges are loaded before testing the Taser gun at the start of each shift.

It's the air cartridges that propel the Taser's prongs, which deliver a jolt of electricity when they strike a target.

The officer's hand was injured in the incident, police spokesman Joel DeSpain said.

The failure to ensure the air cartridge wasn't loaded was a violation of department policy and constituted a disregard for safety, the report said.