Winona Ryder, Regis and Kelly and Michael Jackson

Will Winona Ryder really cut a deal as quickly as they say she cut security sensors? I know all parties are finally trying to work out a plea, but The Foxlight thinks her community service should involve working at an upscale department store as a sales clerk.

Wait a minute, I smell movie. "It's the part she stole from the rest of Hollywood, Winona Ryder In 'Working Girl Two: The Sentence.' 'First she stole their merchandise, then she stole their hearts."

From the 'Say It Isn't So!' Department: The New York Post says Regis and Kelly don't get along?! Don't speak to one another according to one source. Regis is said to be disappointed at all the attention Kelly has gotten with ultra short skirts and her own book club. Reege! Be a team player. You want Kathie Lee back? Case closed.

Finally, I love David Letterman's line about Michael Jackson's new baby. It's a boy, but they're still trying to determine the sex of the father.