Winona Ryder, Jennifer Lopez and Salma Hayek

Movie Line magazine has come out with its fifth annual "100 Most" list, and guess what catergory Winona Ryder won hands down? Most in Need of Therapy. This one's kinda cruel -- so I love it. Most in Need of Hair Plugs: Matt Lauer.

Most Likely to Be Wearing White Again Come 2003: Jennifer Lopez. Don't believe it -- all that J-Lo-Ben Affleck marriage stuff is just promotion for their new movies. I mean, are Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz walking down any aisles?

Most in Love With Her Frighteningly Buff Arms: Madonna. I think she also must have been a runner-up in Most Likely Rethinking Her Career Right Now, But Movie Line gave that to Rosie O'Donnell and her new haircut.

Most Likely to Be Having Sex Right Now As You Read This: Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock. Most Likely to Be Counting His Money Right Now As You Read This: Vin Diesel. Most Convincing Argument to Build a Wall on the Border Between the U.S. and Canada: Tom Green.

Most Shockingly In-Shape For a 50+ Woman: Susan Sarandon. Having sat next to her recently, The Foxlight heartily agrees. "Sh-wing!"

And finally, Most Sweet Despite Being So Sexy: Salma Hayek. But, will this still the case when she's sporting a new mono-brow in Frida?