Winner of New York's Biggest Lottery Jackpot Sold Himself the Ticket

The winner of the state's biggest scratch-off lottery jackpot won't have to go out of his way if he wants to thank the person who sold him the lucky ticket.

Waleed Alsaidi bought it from his family's Harlem deli while working alone there on New Year's Eve. He says he "couldn't believe it" when he saw the winning coin symbol on the $20 Win for Life Spectacular ticket.

It will garner him $10,000 a week -- or about $6,500 after taxes -- for the rest of his life. New York Lottery spokesman John Charlson says it's the state's largest payout ever in a scratch-off game.

The 22-year-old Alsaidi says he hopes to open his own business and move out of the modest apartment he shares with a roommate.