Will Smith, Connie Chung and Ethan Hawke

Will Smith, Connie Chung and Ethan Hawke in the behind-the-scenes glow of the Foxlight.

How fresh was the Fresh Prince before he was Ali? According to one co-star on the old sitcom, Will Smith used to do a lot of adlibbing. The other rap on the rap star? He liked to moon his TV family. That's right, the fresh pants of Bel Air would drop. They got jiggy with that. But it meant a lot of outtakes when the cast and crew cracked up.

Next, speaking of outtakes does Connie Chung wished she kept her mouth shut? And has that mouth had any plastic surgery done on it  or any of the rest of her for that matter? CNN says Connie was just kidding when she eluded to having some plastic surgery at a broadcasting luncheon Tuesday. Connie, we want to believe you.

Finally, Ethan Hawke had a Training Day of his own recently. A new movie he directed with wife Uma Thurman. She works cheap according to the Oscar-nominated actor/director. And his own career? Hawke wants to branch out. He says before Training Day all agents thought of him as the snow movie actor, because of things like White Fang, Snow Falling On Cedars and the cheese classic Alive.