Will Clinton Releasing Delegates to Obama Unite Democrats?

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ALAN COLMES, CO-HOST: In a largely symbolic move, Sen. Hillary Clinton will gather with all of her delegates on Wednesday to formally release them to Barack Obama. This is a gesture that many are calling a move toward party unity. And by the way, we just saw a shot of where it's all happening at the convention center.

With us now, the daughter of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She is also the author of "Campaign Boot Camp: A 7-Step Guide to Winning." California super delegates — I'm saying winning California instead of the whole country — California superdelegate, Christine Pelosi. How are you doing? Thank you for being here.

CHRISTINE PELOSI, CALIFORNIA SUPERDELEGATE: I'm doing great. You know, I have a special present for each of you.

COLMES: Well, thank you.

PELOSI: Your Obama '08. Sean, I want you to have one.

COLMES: He won't even take it. He won't even accept a gift.

PELOSI: Come on, it's a gift.

SEAN HANNITY, CO-HOST: All right. Now, listen. You asked for it. Here we go. Hang on. You can't see it. McCain. I just fixed it.

PELOSI: You think McCain should pick Obama as a running mate?

COLMES: Give me that. I'm going to put that on eBay.

HANNITY: No, I crossed out Obama and I put in McCain.

PELOSI: OK. I think you know this is fun the rest of the campaign.

COLMES: Here's another thing, Christine. Obama has got better graphics, I think, than McCain does.

PELOSI: He's got real nice graphics,

COLMES: You know, one criticism I've heard, Biden's name is in blue, Obama's name is in blue in the Obama-Biden thing. They diminished Biden - this is one criticism I heard — by putting his name in a smaller type in the same color. This is the kind of criticism I am hearing.

PELOSI: Well, you know what? That's just so small. This is a big week, taking a step back. Look at the Biden family. You have one son called to war and the father —

COLMES: Who is also attorney general of the State of Delaware.

PELOSI: That's right. Joe Biden — and you have the father called vice presidential nominee - incredible moment for the Biden family.

COLMES: You're a superdelegate. Were you leaning Clinton or Obama?

PELOSI: Well, I pledged my vote to the American people. So when Barack Obama won the majority of the pledged delegates, I supported him as one of the five and put him over the top as soon as —

COLMES: So as a superdelegate, you were originally an Obama supporter?

PELOSI: No, I was originally uncommitted. I committed that I would give my vote to the person who won the popular delegate count. Actually, Hillary was ahead when I pledged and then Obama surged ahead.

COLMES: All right. You know, one of the things we keep hearing from Republicans is how they are going to unify - they're apart. The Clintons and - They would like to divide and conquer. They don't want to even suggest that the Democrats can come together and be together this week.

PELOSI: Oh, sure. Here, we are sitting down to a unity meal and the Republicans, like, you know, Sean and his friends are going to try to take a cookie from our lunch. That's — you know, that's part of the process. The Democrats are notorious for getting into battle and then coming together. And I think, with Obama picking a critic, he was saying, "Look, I have the strength of character to bring on a critic, someone who is not just going to be a yes-man or yes-woman.

COLMES: As far as I recall, a lot of conservatives were not particularly fond of John McCain. When (UNINTELLIGIBLE) him and he became the nominee apparent, they jumped on the McCain bandwagon right away and supported him.

PELOSI: Well, that's right and that's as it should be. People should come together around their party's nominee. And sometimes it is takes a little while. There's a healing yet to be done. But I think it's great that Sen. Clinton is going to release her delegates and it will be exciting Wednesday night.

HANNITY: Now, who voted for the Iraq War and said that Saddam Hussein is an extreme danger to the world, we have no choice but to eliminate that threat? Who said that?

PELOSI: I believe that was Joe Biden. Right before...

HANNITY: That was Joe Biden?

PELOSI: ... he tried to pass a more measured use of authorization.

HANNITY: Who voted for it? Who said it? Joe Biden. So Obama has been running as an agent of change. He's going to be - The major criticism against the Republicans and President Bush and John McCain is the way they voted on Iraq War, because his foreign policy credentials are so weak he had to pick somebody that agrees with John McCain. That's a pretty weak choice, isn't it?

PELOSI: Well, that's an interesting talking point. But let's break it down —

HANNITY: I won't do talking points. I have Hannity points. I write the talking points.

PELOSI: OK. But here's the problem with that talking point. Two things — the Hannity point.

HANNITY: Yes, ma'am.

PELOSI: First of all, you have — Joe Biden was the only one with an exit strategy. Years ago, he said, "This is what you have to do. Let's threaten the use of force and give inspectors more time." That failed. Now, failing that, he then voted for the war resolution. Remember, there were two. There's the Biden (UNINTELLIGIBLE) on it.

HANNITY: I find it interesting...

PELOSI: And then, there was —

HANNITY: ... that Barack Obama criticized Hillary Clinton for her vote on the authorization for the use of force in Iraq, and yet he picked a vice president who agreed with her and agreed with John McCain and didn't agree with him either way. And he wasn't even in the senate. So the toughest decision in his life is really a farce to begin with because he didn't know he was a liberal senator from a liberal district in Illinois.

PELOSI: He was running in a competitive race for United States —

HANNITY: Competitive race?

PELOSI: Oh, it was. Remember when Jack Ryan, before the divorce stuff came out - actually Jack Ryan was a very, very serious candidate.

HANNITY: All right.

PELOSI: People thought that was going to be neck-and-neck. I saw him in May of that year and everyone said, Jack Ryan is going to be - Democrats will never win. So you never know what will happen.

HANNITY: By the way, I'm going to surprise a lot of people. I just ran into your sister and her husband...


HANNITY: And they're wonderful people. And I said, "All right. So your mom just wrote a book and she is been out there praising Barack Obama." And she said, "God has blessed America with Barack Obama and civilization is at stake if Barack Obama loses." You really believe God has chosen the anointed one?

PELOSI: That's not what s she said.

HANNITY: No, no. God has blessed us.

PELOSI: You have to listen to the whole speech.

HANNITY: I listened. It was beautiful. I was moved. I touched my heart.

PELOSI: Not nearly enough apparently. First, going back to Joe Biden for a minute. Again, I think it shows the strength of Barack Obama that he's willing to take on a critic and say, "I want a team of people who aren't just going to be yes-men."

HANNITY: Is civilization is at stake if Obama loses?

PELOSI: Absolutely.

HANNITY: Civilization is at stake?

PELOSI: She was quoting "America the Beautiful." Come on. And by the way, I have a lapel pin and you don't. What is the problem —

HANNITY: You know, I brought a new suit. I didn't have it with me.

PELOSI: I know —

HANNITY: Can I have yours?

PELOSI: No. I need mine, you understand.

HANNITY: But by the way, it is interesting as it relates to your mother. She is out trying to save the world so please send our regards.

PELOSI: I will. You know what? The planet needs your help.

HANNITY: The planet needs my help.

PELOSI: (UNINTELLIGIBLE) to put this on a hybrid and do your part to save world.

HANNITY: Tell your mom to put this on the back her Gold Stream private jet. That will be perfect.

PELOSI: She doesn't have one, just Cindy McCain.

HANNITY: No, the government gives her one. We paid for it. That's right.

PELOSI: No, no, no. Cindy McCain has one. We could put it on Cindy's. It would be great.

HANNITY: Good to see you.

PELOSI: It's going to be a great convention.

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