Wife of Retired FBI Agent Will Travel to Tehran in Search of Missing Husband

The wife of a retired FBI agent missing since March will travel to Iran next week to try to find out what happened to him.

Christine Levinson will go to Tehran on Monday in search of her husband, Robert, who vanished while on a business trip to the Middle East.

"I'm just a wife looking for my husband and the father of my children," Levinson told FOXNews.com. "I just want to make it better and bring Bob home."

Robert Levinson, a father of seven, hasn't been heard from since March 8. He was on his way to Kish Island in Iran to investigate a cigarette smuggling and counterfeiting operation for a private security firm. He checked into a hotel on the resort island.

"He just told me that he was going to be traveling and he wouldn't be able to get in touch with me for the next 24 hours, and he would call me as soon as he returned to the hotel in Dubai," Christine Levinson said.

Last week, the State Department urged Iran to provide the former agent's wife with assistance during the trip.

"The Government of Iran has informed us through the U.S. Protecting Power in Iran, the Swiss Embassy, that Iranian authorities have conducted an investigation but do not know what happened to Mr. Levinson," State Department Deputy Spokesman Tom Casey said in a written statement. "Despite numerous requests to the Iranians, we have not received any details on the results of the Iranian investigation."

Levinson will leave for Iran on Monday with her 22-year-old son, Daniel, and another family member.

They hope to meet with Iranian religious and government leaders to find out what happened to the Coral Springs, Fla., businessman, who retired from the FBI nearly 10 years ago.

"I hope we'll have a Christmas miracle, and he will be able to come home," Levinson said.

The family has launched a Web site, HelpBobLevinson.com, to bring his disappearance to light.