Why We're Punishing Our Camera Crew

Dear Friends of "FOX and Friends;"

First of all... an aplogy.

On Wednesday, Judge Napolitano was subbing for Brian. I asked him if he'd like to write the blog, because John Gibson won't let him near the computer on "The Big Story" show. The Judge said "I'd LOVE TO!"

He forgot.

That's the problem when you're a judge and you no longer have a bailiff to hold your hand and service revolver.

So anyway, please accept my apologies. To make it up, I'll make sure that the Judge gives you a free divorce, if requested. Of course it's only legal in TV-Land, but hey, he's a TV judge!

Behind the scenes on our show, Ian our CAMERA 1 guy, was minding his own business yesterday, SITTING IN A CHAIR, doing a CROSSWORD PUZZLE, not focusing on his job, but instead focusing on a 9-letter word for pasta... when suddenly... HIS CHAIR BROKE. Normally we woudn't mention it on the air, but it happened LIVE ON THE AIR. There was such a clatter, we had to talk about it. So I went over, asked him if he was OK and if he needed help with the crossword. It was a funny bit.

But because he was IN A CHAIR, working a crossword, while he was supposed to be working, I think there was a word or two whisphered in his ear. Today the only chairs in the studio, are the chairs that we sit in. The camera guys can no longer luxuriate, and occasionally doze... all because Ian wrecked it for all of them.

You watch, he'll be frozen out at the annual "FOX & Friends" 3-Legged Race, this weekend at Hardy's gated community.

Check out E.D. on the Tony Snow radio today, coast to coast. Check foxnews.com/tonysnow for showtimes and stations.

Have a great weekend.

Steve Doocy

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