Why We Can't Engage in Talks With Iran

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Yesterday I said I liked one aspect of the Iraq Study Group's recommendations: that Iraqis stand up and take care of themselves.

Today something from the report I don't like: the idea of sitting down with Iran. I think that might well lead to the deaths of something on the order of 40 million Iranians. Here's why:

The only way the Iranians help us in Iraq is if we say, OK, you can have your nuke bombs. At the moment there really isn't a whole lot standing in the way of the Iranians building nuke bombs anyway. But if it were an entirely unobstructed path, the Israelis would start looking at the calendar and figuring out when the day will come that Iran will have enough nuke devices to launch the devastating attack on Israel they have long promised.

The Israelis will not count on the U.S. to help anymore because we have now said — essentially — that we're not going to attack anybody until we suffer 3-, 4-, 5- or 10,000 dead. We'll be lucky if the number is that low. But the elections have settled the matter of a pre-emptive war policy.

Before Iran has the capability of wiping Israel off the map, the Israelis will launch a devastating attack on Iran that may well kill half to three-quarters of the population, hence 40 million dead Iranians. It's said Israel has 200-plus nuke bombs. They won't even have to use them all.

And by the way, it will actually not be all that difficult to figure out when the attack on Iran will come. You only have to mark the day the industrial-grade cascade of centrifuges goes on line in Iran and calculate the months it will take to build the number of bombs to wipe out Israel, plus a few in reserve, and that's when Israel attacks.

What can stop all this from happening? One simple thing: Don't sit down and talk with Iran about helping us in Iraq. That is precisely what will set this chain of events in motion.

All this talk about realists finally regaining control of the Bush White House? This is the real realism.

That's My Word.

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