Why NASCAR Fans Like Rudy Giuliani

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The Washington Post ran a story today about Rudy Giuliani and NASCAR fans. The tone of the piece suggests that the paper and the reporter think it odd that Southern, conservative NASCAR fans would like Rudy.

Rudy's been to three NASCAR races now in the South and he said: "This is a quintessentially American sport. It represents the best of America."

The reporter quoted fans in the stands: They love Rudy, they don't like Hillary. The article also reported that NASCAR officials have contributed big money to Rudy's campaign.

The reporter didn't say it, but there seemed to me to be a sense of wonderment that the former New York mayor who once favored gun control and abortion rights would play well in this Southern NASCAR crowd.

What I took from the story was that the Southern NASCAR fans who were the subject of the story can prioritize as well as anybody. And while they don't like gun control and abortion, higher on their priority list is national security and a sense they have that Rudy would be, if not actually hawkish, at the very least very tough with the people who want to kill us.

As someone who spends a lot of time in Texas, I don't find this attitude so surprising. It's what Pat Robertson said the other day, and it's what you hear from people if you spend any time talking to them.

Sure, they hate someone telling them they have to obey the ACLU's rules. Sure, they don't like abortion, and they really don't like someone saying they can't buy or use guns. But more than any of that, the people I talk to take it personally that there are people who want to attack us, and they don't want a president who wouldn't act forcefully when he — or she — needed to.

NASCAR and Rudy, no surprise.

That's My Word.

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