Why It's So Important to Find Saddam Hussein

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It's 140 degrees in Baghdad, and coalition forces in Iraq are still chasing Saddam Hussein.

At this point, he must be driving himself around in a beat-up taxicab looking like any other Iraqi taxi driver.

Columnist Amir Taheri (search) writes in the New York Post that he thinks it's obvious the coalition isn't really hunting for Saddam, but waiting around for someone to tell it where he is.

That is, after all, how we got the odious Uday and the equally stinky Qusay Hussein (search).

So Taheri may be right. It may be time for the American military to cordon off huge sections of Baghdad, kicking in every door until Saddam is found.

It seems a bit on the ridiculous side that we haven't been able to find the butcher of Baghdad, especially when you consider that we believe he's in the capital and that we're trailing him by just a few hours.

How important is it to get Saddam? Very. For one thing, we can't even think about making concessions to the U.N. in return for their help in Iraq until Saddam is dead or in jail.

That's because the U.N. is a wholly owned province of France, and the French would have no interest in finding Saddam. They might even put him back in charge.

So no U.N. help until certain items of business are taken care of — like finding Saddam, getting the Democratic processes going, establishing property rights and setting up the courts.

If all that is done, the U.N. and the French can't do much damage. Maybe then they can be allowed in to offer whatever help they might be able to provide.

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