Why Is Bush Being Blamed for Cheating Dental Students?

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Evidently a few days ago a delegation of Republican congressmen felt it necessary to let it leak that they met with the president and bravely confronted him on Iraq, telling him, according to NBC News, that Bush had no credibility on Iraq and he should let Gen. Petraeus speak for him.

Today we heard Bush speak about Iraq. He said Petraeus is looking at September to report back on how the surge is going so policymakers can decide to carry on or stand down. He also said that he thought since Congress approved Petraeus as the new commander in Iraq it didn't make sense to avoid giving him the money he needs, which is what the Democrats are doing now.

Bush made sense. But the congressmen were probably right. His polling numbers indicate people aren't listening to Bush anymore. Here's why:

Look at this quote today from a newspaper in Indiana about a cheating scandal at the Indiana University Dental School in which nine students were kicked out of school and 16 were suspended and 21 more were reprimanded. That means that 46 students out of a student body of 95 were involved in the cheating — more than half of IU's dental school.

So what do the academics who are teaching these students have to say for such a high rate of cheating in their institutions? They blame George Bush, of course.

Here's what Dr. Anne Koerber, associate professor of dentistry at the University of Illinois at Chicago, an expert in dental education had to say: "When you have persons in high places who clearly lie about what's happening with weapons of mass destruction... I think the general public gets the idea that anything that makes money is what's right."

Students cheat on a dental college test and the reason is Bush lies about weapons of mass destruction? You can argue about WMD all you want, and even after you reject everything that George Tenet has said and Bob Woodward and Bush himself — as well as the heads of foreign intel services — but when you blame cheating dentists on George Bush it shows you have come off the rails.

What this shows to me is that the left lie machine is very good. People do actually believe everything — everything — is Bush's fault. And I think if they would kill our enemies abroad as effectively as they kill political opponents at home, this country would be much better off.

That's My Word.

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