Why Didn't Some News Organizations Cover Medal of Honor Ceremony?

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In the better late than never department: the recipient of the first congressional Medal of Honor in the War on Terror, Lt. Michael Murphy of Long Island, New York, a Navy SEAL who was killed in a fierce gun battle in Afghanistan in June of 2005.

Lt. Murphy heroically exposed himself to enemy fire in order to get to a communications device and call for help. He was killed in that selfless act.

There was a ceremony at the White House on Monday. FOX News carried it live. Shepard Smith carried a report on Friday as a preview and another story on Monday in his "Studio B" program. "The Big Story" also covered it on Monday, but because of breaking news fire coverage, we didn't do as much as I would have ordinarily liked.

However, I'm a little troubled by the coverage of other news organizations. I think there were some who really didn't want to cover Lt. Murphy's story and found the fires to be a convenient excuse to avoid it.

Why would other news organizations do that? Because some of them have fallen in with the far left in hoping this war won't work out in something war supporters would call success.

Why would they want that? Because some news organizations have gone partisan, anti-Bush, anti-war and want to turn out right. If events go against them they will be in the embarrassing situation of rooting against the American military in the field when the American military is succeeding.

In other words, better to have us lose because then blame and finger-pointing and impeachment charades will seem much more justified.

Apologies to Lt. Murphy and his family. He was a hero. He did what had to be done without thought to himself, and two years after his death he turned out to be a political symbol the left would like to shun.

Don't believe me? Read today's column by uber-lefty Ted Rall who says he cheers the deaths of American soldiers because each death improves the overall IQ of America. In other words, soldiers are stupid.

It's shameful, but it's true.

That's My Word.

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