Why ABC Axed Rosie O'Donnell

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If there's any justice in this world, here is what happened in the Rosie deal behind the scenes, where we won't find out the details until the next National Enquirer hits the supermarkets.

Rosie got pushed out by ABC.

Was it the grabbing the crotch and shouting "Eat me"? Probably not. As grotesque as that command was, as awful as that image may be, it was probably just a gag-inducing moment that only confirmed what the ABC suits and Barbara Walters had already decided. They had to have decided she must go because of one reason: her insistence on pushing 9/11 conspiracy nutter theories on national network television, a deeply embarrassing thing for any self-respecting network, especially one that is vying for the top spot in the evening news wars.

Do you think it helps Charlie Gibson, a respected veteran of straight news, to be on a network which has allowed an employee to bellow to the sky that the attacks of 9/11 were a put-up job in which our own government attacked its own people? And what is one left to conclude other than that when you hear Rosie demanding the audience go Google "World Trade 7" and see how they weren't telling you the truth.

The controversy over that one building is made up of stinkola about how that building had to have been pulled down, brought down by demolition explosives because the laws of physics say it shouldn't have fallen the way it did — cleanly and straight down on itself — unless it was a planned demolition. And that notion is a portal through which the gullible pass and eventually wind up swallowing a bucket of other so-called evidence that clearly shows — in the minds of people like Rosie — that 19 hijackers didn't commit 9/11 but in fact it was George Bush.

If it was missiles which struck the Pentagon, not American Flight 77, then where is Flight 77? 9/11 truthers, like Rosie, usually began mumbling about then and try to switch the subject, or like the French author who started this nuttiness simply say, yes, George Bush has a lot of explaining to do.

Face it, ABC couldn't have this going on. It suggests the network cannot edit itself, or that people over there actually believe this nut stuff themselves. Either way, it's a profoundly embarrassing situation which can only be solved by the removal of the offending big mouth.

And that, my friends, is why Rosie is gone, in my opinion.

That's My Word.

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