Who's Watching the Kids?

While thousands of people attend meetings, festivities and events surrounding the Democratic National Convention, one Denver Company will be taking care of the ''littlest delegates''. Front Range SeekingSitters is an official child care provider of the Democratic National Convention and has been busy booking babysitting jobs for local families as well as people who are visiting Denver for the convention.

SeekingSitters is an on-demand, 24-7 babysitting service that does it all for families: they screen and hire sitters, schedule all requests and handle all paperwork and payments. Families can make requests online at, through their hotels or by calling.

Denver owner Sarah Kruse is a Colorado native and former nanny. She says the company’s in-depth screening process is what sets them apart from other babysitting services.

''We understand that security is a top concern during the DNC. Safety is our number one priority. I always personally interview and check every sitter before hiring her. We also have in-house licensed private investigators that thoroughly screen all sitters,'' explains Sarah Kruse, owner of the company.

Kruse has been busy handling requests and booking babysitting jobs.

SeekingSitters was founded in 2006 by Adrienne Kallweit, a licensed private investigator and mom of three children. They have 15 franchises in seven states with nine more set to open soon. In April 2008, Working Mother Magazine named them one of the ''Top 25 Women-Owned Businesses for 2008.'' For more information, visit www.seekingsitters.com.