Who's Looking Out for You: Republicans or Democrats?

Barack Obama and the Democratic Party in general do not want to drill for more oil or expand nuclear energy or build more refineries. Protecting the environment is the stated reason, but it goes much further than that.

If you read the liberal bible, The New York Times, those folks actually want higher gas prices because they believe that's the only thing that will make Americans use less fossil fuel. And using less fossil fuel is the goal of the global warming warriors. For the liberal crew, it is purely a global warming play.

Thus, the left is putting a theory — that manmade pollution is causing the earth to warm — over a fact — that America's economy and national security is in grave danger because the USA has to buy fuel from dubious people overseas.

"Talking Points" is angry that for eight years Bill Clinton and Al Gore did little to develop alternative energy and the left largely gave them a pass because they're Democrats. "Points" is also angry with the right. Many conservatives actually believe the oil companies are benign concerns just trying to do the right thing for the folks. That is unbelievable.

Like Mr. Clinton, President Bush didn't do much to protect us. Yes, they both say we should develop alternative fuel, but little concrete action has been taken.

We Americans like to take sides. Most of us are registered Democrats or Republicans. But these high gas prices are a wake-up call. Working folks are getting hammered because both political parties have sold us out.

Listen to this. You can't find a more liberal country than Sweden, yet almost half that country's electricity is nuke generated. They store the waste underground. In France, 77 percent of their electricity comes from nukes. They also store the waste underground. In Norway, they drill offshore for oil. The result? The country's wealthy and there's been little environmental downside.

So why doesn't the USA drill offshore and have more nuclear energy? The answer is extremism. The green nuts have blocked all common sense traditional energy development, and the big oil greed-heads have stopped alternative energy cold, like alcohol-based fuel.

Think about it. Brazil runs its vehicles on sugar-based ethanol, but we can't? Norway is self-sufficient and clean with oil drilling, but we can't drill? France and Sweden, much smaller countries, can bury nuclear waste, but we can't?

There's something very wrong here. Barack Obama could well lose the election if he doesn't wise up on energy production, and John McCain needs to get with it as well. This ANWR con is the worst.

But we the people are also at fault. Unless we wise up and demand that our spineless politicians actually protect this country, we'll deserve the painful chaos that is surely coming.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

I just want to salute all the folks out in the Midwest trying to fight back those terrible floods. It's incredibly difficult work, as everybody knows. Great sacrifices are being made.

These people are all patriots, and we're praying for them as well.

On the pinhead front, take a bow, Chris Martin of Coldplay.


CHRIS MARTIN, COLDPLAY LEAD SINGER: (SINGING) Was a long and dark December when the banks became cathedrals and the fox became God.


Well, Coldplay is being accused of plagiarizing a song on their new album. Who knows if that is true?

What I do know is that Mr. Martin frequently cheap-shots this network, but is not man enough to come in here and discuss it. So he's a pinhead.

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