Who's Going Down First: Saddam, or Bin Laden?

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With no assurance of the outcome, the Bush administration says it is time for the 15 nations on the U.N. Security Council to "stand up and be counted" on using force to disarm Iraq.

As President Bush and senior American diplomats labored to round up votes at the United Nations and in world capitals, Secretary of State Colin Powell said "nobody really knows who has the votes until the votes are taken."

At the same time, Attorney General John Ashcroft said Tuesday that the Al Qaeda network faced a serious blow with the weekend arrest of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, and the terrorist operation is suffering badly as a result.

"Next to (Usama) bin Laden, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed was the FBI's most wanted terrorist," Ashcroft told Senate Judiciary Committee members.

Who's going down first: Saddam, or bin Laden?

A sample of your responses:

Well, with all the powwows, discussions, delays and debates of what or when we should attack those responsible, so far neither will be going down. The real answer is probably the USA. Our inaction in a timely manner could result in us also learning North Korean with an arabic accent. God help us if we follow the same road of diplomacy with the North Korean crisis,and it is a crisis. Inaction is what we are doing,we puff up our chests and beat drums and then do nothing. To satisfy the UN we are sacraficing our our own safety and that of every other free nation.

I would like to say that UBL will get taken down before Saddam will.  Just for the simple fact that they are still monking around with Iraq, and the war on terror has been on going, perfect example to the arrest on Saturday.
Lisa A.

I believe that we have a good chance of getting Bin laden First. We have made major progress in the war on terror, and it is just a matter of time before we get him and that time is very near.
Nancy B.
Wells, ME

President Bush will leave office first. Law enforcement can't find Eric Ruddoff in this country let alone UBL. Saddam will disappear also..

Bin Laden or Saddam.  Wouldn't it be something if we had them both in the grasp at the same time.  What a victory!
Denny B.
Albion, IN

The capture of UBL's number 2 man deals a serious blow to UBL organization. Hence, his organization is running like roaches when the lights come on. He's down already, next!
Arthur J.
Lafayette, LA

I don't think either one will go down. They are both COWARDS and will hide from us. Bin Laden has yet to show his face, and Sadam will hide when the time comes.
Dreama P.
Cassopolis, MI

Saddam will go down first.  UBL is still the needle in the haystack.  But we will find that needle.
A. Bitar
Miami, FL

Who gets taken out first?  Hopefully, we will get both rats simultaneously within days not weeks or months.
Al B.
Milledgeville, GA

I believe "So-damn-insane" will go down first.  For the moment, he is our greater threat.
Chuck M.

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