Who Is ‘Right’ in Hollywood?

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ALAN COLMES, CO-HOST: We're joined by one of the world's best-known action heroes, actor Chuck Norris. Chuck, good to have you with us.

CHUCK NORRIS, ACTOR: Thanks Alan. Good to be here.

COLMES: You're welcome. Are you following the California recall (search) deal? I mean you're there in California and what are you thoughts and where do you stand on this?

NORRIS: Well I think everyone is following this recall. Well, the whole thing is, I think it's time that we do need a new leader here in California and I think Arnold Schwarzenegger (search) is the man to lead our state.

I've known him for 35 years. I know he's a born leader. He set his vision 35 years ago to accomplish things in his life. He's accomplished them all and he is an achiever and I really believe he can turn this state around.

COLMES: Now, are you a Republican?

NORRIS: Yes, I am.

COLMES: You are?


COLMES: Have you always voted Republican for the most part?

NORRIS: Yes, I have.

COLMES: And so, you've never voted for a Democrat?

SEAN HANNITY, CO-HOST: That's killing him, by the way...

NORRIS: Not that I can recall Alan.

COLMES: You know, it's funny, I keep hearing about all these Hollywood liberals (search). We always have these, you know, these conservative Republican Hollywood stars on our show. Where are all the Hollywood liberals I keep hearing about?

NORRIS: We're the silent majority, Alan. You know...

COLMES: You are the majority.

NORRIS: Yes and unfortunately, we're becoming the mute majority and we've got to start stepping up to the plate.

COLMES: Now we're seeing that…California has got a history of well-known people getting into politics starting with Ronald Reagan (search). In that era there was George Murphy (search). Would you ever consider a run for public office?

NORRIS: That's what my wife keeps asking me. But no, I really have no intention to run for public office. I enjoy supporting people that I believe in, like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

And of course, President Bush currently and President Bush formally. I've done some active campaigning for them...

COLMES: Right.

NORRIS: ... in the past. And…so people that I believe in that I feel is best for our country, I'm…I get behind them and support them.

COLMES: But you've been politically active. You've got a drug program for kids we want to talk about, for example...

COLMES: ... but when you see someone like Arnold and if he resonates and he hits. Let's say he becomes governor. Would that inspire you to say you know what? I might be…I might want to do this at some point as well. The path has been set.

NORRIS: No, no. I'll support Arnold all the way, but I'm not going to be running for any office.

HANNITY: Chuck, good to see you. Thank you so much for being here...

NORRIS: A pleasure to be here, Sean.

HANNITY: So, you didn't do any interviews with Oui magazine, right...

NORRIS: No, I did not...

HANNITY: ... so you're OK?


HANNITY: Your wife, I was speaking to her earlier today on the radio show. She would encourage this. She wants you to run.

NORRIS: I know. But the thing is, is that there's so many things I want to do, Sean. My foundation is very important to me...


NORRIS: ... and so if I got tied into a political office, it would take away from the things that are very dear to my heart.

HANNITY: I've got to thank you publicly for something. You were watching this program one night and we had this Marine on from Jupiter, Florida...

NORRIS: Barry Silver.

HANNITY: Yes, and he's…he won this big case to fly the American flag in his front yard...

NORRIS: Right.

HANNITY: ... and they want to foreclose on this man's house because even though he won, he now has to pay the legal fees of those that were out there suing him.

NORRIS: Right.

HANNITY: It's about $25,000. He doesn't have the money to pay it. And I offered to help raise it and I'm putting some of the money down myself. Immediately the next day I got a call from you. And we had never met or...


HANNITY: ... talked and you said you wanted to help, too and you offered…and you're helping to raise money for us and you're contributing yourself.

NORRIS: Right. Yes. I contributed 5,000...

HANNITY: Yes you did...

NORRIS: ... and if you need more, I'd be more than happy...

HANNITY: Really? Does that go for anything?

NORRIS: I'm talking about Barry.

HANNITY: No, I'm teasing you. You know, it's very interesting. Alan did bring up the point that, you know, we do have a lot of liberals in Hollywood…Barbara Streisand (search), Martin Sheen (search).

All these guys that have been out there, outspoken. There are a lot of conservatives out here that have been silent for a long time. Why do you think that is?

NORRIS: I don't know why. I don't know why the liberals are very vocal and the conservatives are very...

NORRIS: ... you know I guess it's our nature. You know because being…people who believe, have our faith and all this stuff here, we don't want to espouse it, I guess.

And I think that's the problem we have today. And I really believe, Sean that it's time that we did step up to the plate and start becoming very vocal about our beliefs in this country.

HANNITY: Yes, I agree with you.

You're involved in a lot of different things. This Kick Start (search) anti-drug program...

NORRIS: Right.

HANNITY: ... you started this with George Bush Sr. in 19, what '87, '88?

NORRIS: '89 actually and what…being a martial art teacher for 20 years, I've worked with thousands of young kids.


NORRIS: But these are youngsters whose parents can afford to bring them to a commercialized school and reap the benefits of raising their self-esteem, instilling the discipline and respect that kids are lacking today.

I thought…so for years I thought well how can I reach the millions of kids whose parents can't…don't have the money? And so, it had been in the back of my mind for 20 years.

And I was in D.C. having lunch with President Bush and so he says what's your future plans? So I started telling him that I want to work with at risk children. And so I told him the reason why.

And I like to teach in the public schools. And…because kids whose broken parents and...They already have two strikes against them, Sean.


NORRIS: And if we can reach them and get them going down the right direction of life, we can save...many kids and we have over the years.

HANNITY: Can people help you? How do they do that?

NORRIS: It's all private funding.

HANNITY: It's all private funding?

NORRIS: Yes, we do...fundraisers.

HANNITY: Could I ask you a question about this because this is really important. My wife and I…my little boy is going to be 5…and we've had this debate many times. I…he's just about to start the martial arts...

NORRIS: It's great for him.

HANNITY: ... for great defense and I said it's going to be great for self-esteem and all that sort of thing, confidence. And she's just…she's a little bit afraid of it because my attitude is I bring this up all the time. I tell him if somebody hits him, he has the right to defend himself and hit back.

NORRIS: Well, even more important than that is what happens when you study the martial arts. There's a certain character building and a demeanor that comes out.

HANNITY: Confidence...

NORRIS: Confidence because you have the ability...and the bullies, look...because the bullies pick on the kids they think they can whip.

HANNITY: That's absolutely right.

NORRIS: And when they look at a kid and say I oh don't know about him...

HANNITY: That's right.

NORRIS: ... because you learn to carry yourself a certain way when you become proficient...in the martial arts and I've been at it now for 42 years. I've never had to use once in a violent way.

HANNITY: But it's good for the kids to be able to defend themselves. And my wife actually has come around on it...


HANNITY: ... but initially she was a little...

NORRIS: But the thing is what's so good about it is many times he doesn't have to because when he looks a kid in the eye and says you know it's best that you walk away from me. You know, I mean this kid is going he's right. I better get out of here.


NORRIS: So, a lot of times you can avoid a confrontation...


NORRIS: ... just buying a look...

HANNITY: They teach that...

COLMES: Hey Chuck, you know, it's interesting, you talk in your own literature about with this program that it cost something like $15,000 to keep a kid in jail…put them in jail...

NORRIS: Right.

COLMES: ... and that the programs you have, or getting them counseling costs, you know, maybe a few hundred dollars.

NORRIS: Right.

COLMES: On a national level, shouldn't we be doing that? The war on drugs, we spent so much money jailing…putting people in jail who are drug offenders and it's not a good use of our resources.

NORRIS: No. I agree. You know, the whole thing is, what I would do if I was in charge, if a teenager got in trouble, rather than incarcerating them and making them worse, I'd make them have to go on mission trips and help people that are…in certain countries, people that are starving and downtrodden, and they would have to spend a certain amount of time keeping these people alive.

COLMES: Hey, you're starting to sound like a Democrat, Chuck. Starting to sound like a liberal.

NORRIS: Well, that's not liberal. It's just using good common sense...

COLMES: It is good common sense and it's something that we're not doing...and I think it's something that we really need to think about.

You actually have some good ideas here. Thank you very much for being on the program tonight.

NORRIS: My pleasure Alan.

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