Who Are the Eyptians Calling Cannibals?

Two interesting stories in the paper today...

The first one is about Baghdad, a report that most residents are getting back to normal.

Power is on three hours, off three hours. Merchants are selling goods, people are getting their lives together and ignoring the problems American troops there are facing.

As a matter of fact, the Americans seem to be having the hardest time in Iraq today.

The other story in The Wall Street Journal is a reprint from Al Akhram, the official Egyptian daily newspaper.

This piece attacks the Americans over Iraq, calling the Americans cannibals (search pre-historic animals who feel they have to dismember and eat their enemies to make sure they're dead.

The Egyptian newspaper says Americans are wallowing in blood and death and dismemberment and disembowelment... and for the crimes of the U.S. troops, the paper says, the proper response is to kill them.

The United States is about to give about $2 billion a year to Egypt the same Egyptians who oppose their government and blame America for keeping Hosni Mubarak (search) in power.

This obviously creates resentments in the people. But it's illegal to oppose the government, so who do they vent on? America.

And what does the Egyptian government do? It encourages the America-hating, because it takes the heat off of them.

This is how America-hating works around the world. "Call 'em cannibals, that will take the people's minds off their miserable lives."

This has nothing to do with the U.S. and everything to do with their corrupt governments.

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