White House Gives Neil a Puzzling Response for Why Obama Won't Appear on His Show

Welcome, everybody, I’m Neil Cavuto. And well, that settles that. And you need to know this:

On the day the White House is pushing a huge financial overhaul, news why they're not pushing it with us. The press office there telling one of my top producers today the reason we're not getting Larry Summers today is because we are not about financial matters, I guess, any day.

So no Larry Summers, who was doing everyone but this show today including, I believe — like his boss yesterday — even “Dora, the Explorer” today.


Sorry Dora. This doesn’t make my day. The Dora thing still chafes. The "not finance" thing? That chafes more.

I don't know of any other show that has devoted as much time to everything from the bailouts on Wall Street to the rescues for Main Street and all the taxes and all the regulations and all the czars that came with them.

More than this hour, more than any hour, which has made this hour the top financial hour on cable. And this show, the top show, over any show at Bloomberg, CNN, CNBC, and MSNBC, combined. Combined. Number one in its slot for 88 straight months — that’s a lot of months.

But enough about me and my ego. Back to the president and his.


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: I’ve got one television station entirely devoted to attacking my administration.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: I assume you’re talking about FOX?

OBAMA: Well that’s a pretty big megaphone. And you’d be hard-pressed if you were watching the whole day to find a positive story about me on that front.

(APRIL 29, 2009)

OBAMA: Now those of you who are watching certain news channels, on which I am not very popular, and you see folks waving tea bags around…

(AUGUST 20, 2008)

OBAMA: They’ve got some guy who just wrote a book. He’s just making stuff up. Make stuff up. But it gets a lot of play on FOX News. And so after a while people are, well, you know, after a while — after a while people start thinking, “well guy, he does have a funny name.”

(MAY 9, 2009)

OBAMA: Most of you covered me, all of you voted for me.


OBAMA: Apologies to the FOX table. They’re — where are they?


OK, so he's not a fan. The president is free to say so. I'm free to say this.

If you dismiss us, why do you keep talking about us? If you're so powerful, why do you sound so petty? And if you remind folks you're president of all the people — which you are — why ignore those who challenge you, which well you do?

You're free not to love us, even claim you don't watch us. Even have your people say they don't know us, which conveniently explains not knowing how we went after your predecessor on spending and rescues and he still talked to us. And his predecessor on entitlement reform and he still sat down with us. Neither, gladly, I suspect; but consistently, I know. And all their top economic guys — all of them — I definitely know.

Because we don't see red or blue, Mr. President. Just green. The people's green, the people's money. Which is why we've demanded accountability from the folks who handle that money and all seemed perfectly willing to handle our questions. You might recognize a few:

We discussed the war with Nancy Pelosi. We tackled bailouts with Steny Hoyer. We met frequently with now CIA director Leon Panetta. We challenged one Chuck Schumer. We talked taxes with Barney Frank.

Tough gets. Tough questions. As tough for them as they were for John McCain when we asked whether his numbers added up. And a Republican congressman on this very show only yesterday on whether he had any numbers at all.

Now I’m told we're to be avoided. You'll not include our name. I won't return the favor, Mr. President. Because trust me, I’ll keep including yours.