Which American Wants to Represent Saddam?

I want everyone under a certain age — and it's probably a quite advanced age... say 30 — to sit down and let me tell you about an oddity of our society.

See, young ones... there is this guy named Ramsey Clark (search). Believe it or not, he was attorney general at one time, under President Lyndon Johnson (search).

Evidently the Vietnam War (search) so traumatized Clark, he now spends most of his time trying to help America's current or one-time enemies — Fidel Castro (search), Ho Chi Minh (search), the Sandanistas (search). He's pitched with all the famous southpaws.

In fact, Clark himself was a quite a southpaw — a lefty, a liberal... and even though it doesn't seem to be possible, he got more left as time went on.

And now he's offering himself as a lawyer to help Saddam Hussein (search).

This is true Clark territory, where only French lawyers have gone in the past.

Clark has met with Saddam several times, and he's willing to take on the butcher of Baghdad one more time — just to try to give George W. Bush a poke in the eye.

I've spent near 40 years now wondering about Clark. For many of you, this may be the first time hearing his name.

Google him. You'll see the whole sorry history. And now he wants to represent Saddam.

Jane Fonda was one thing, but Saddam...

It's really sad — if you stop to think about it — but sadly par for the course.

And by the way... does anybody think it's possible or even theoretically right for Saddam to have such a good defense that he wins or that he's acquitted?

Come on... we know how this is supposed to turn out.

That's My Word.

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