Where's the Outrage Over Nick Berg?

When the Abu Ghraib (search) story broke, I jumped on to Arab and British newspaper sites, and what I saw was hyperventilating and foaming at the mouth of the first order.

While Americans slept in the hours after Dan Rather (search) broke the prison abuse story on CBS, British newspapers were howling with outrage demanding to know why the American people were not rising up against President Bush and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld (search)... why they weren't taking action throughout the night in an ongoing, rolling, thunder reaction to the awful pictures they saw.

OK, it turns out the investigation had been going on for months... and Americans recoiled in horror at what their fellow citizens had done to Iraqis — illegally and in defiance of both orders and the norms of holding people prisoners.

Now it's fair to ask... where's the outrage among all those people who were so upset over Abu Ghraib?

The Arabs have buried the story of the beheading of Nick Berg (search), treating it as if it's a car wreck... not the lead... just another aberrational story from those crazy fundamentalist brothers of ours.

Meanwhile, the heavy breathing continues about those awful Americans.

Look... as bad as our handful of Americans were, they are condemned and will be prosecuted by their own. At the same time in Iraq, the killers are giving the ho-hum treatment by their Muslim brothers.

That's My Word.

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