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Monday night we were back "home" in D.C. The show went well — although I thought it a mistake to run video of Amber Frey (search) on our screen while our guest, Anne Bird (search) (half sister of Scott Peterson) discussed Laci Peterson. I think video or pics of Laci should have been shown. This is not a big deal, but as I watched I thought I would get a ton of e-mails from you viewers about it. I have not heard anyone else complain in viewer e-mail — so maybe I am wrong. As you know, it would not be the first time...

Last night was such an action-packed show that I think I had too many guests in each segment. I had to interrupt some of the guests and stop them in order to get to other guests — something that I hate to do and I usually hear from the viewers when I do it. Again, no one e-mailed me that I was rude (or, at least I have not yet found those e-mails!) I guess I "dodged that bullet" last night.

I can't figure out what happened to little Jessica Lunsford (search). Of all the pieces of information that still strikes me as odd is that the dog did not bark. In my household, even when I show up at home there is a little woof from my giant two dogs. Of course they stop when they see me, but nonetheless that "key in the door" or opening of the door gets their attention. When my producer went to the Lunsford home to pick up the Lunsford grandparents, their dog did not stop barking. The barking was so intense that the grandmother got mad at the dog. Last night the sheriff's office spokesperson said that the sheriff's office is satisfied with the explanation — that the dog was probably under covers and asleep and thus did not hear the child leave, or an intruder enter.

I took a bunch of pictures for you at the Tampa studio when we interviewed the Lunsfords. I also took some pics of their photos of missing Jessica and have included them today in a photo essay. To view the photo essay, click on the link in the photo box above.

Here are some randomly selected e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

Hi Greta,
I do watch... sooner or later! Tonight I was sick and missed everything, but I luckily caught you later on when I was up coughing! ( I think you work better than cough syrup!)
I loved how you addressed ALL of my questions/concerns in your update with the person in the FL Police Dept. this evening. I still have a couple of concerns though...
If the father was coming home at that hour and the door was usually locked... wouldn't he just put the key in the door? I a still a bit bothered by a nine year old sharing a room with her father, but perhaps he's not home much? Also, I am not absolutely sure, but I thought that in one of the early reports, the father said that Jessica's bed was not slept in. Do you remember that?
Finally, I like the interview you are doing with Scott Peterson's half sister. When I first heard about her and the book, I thought she was just an opportunist. Listening to her, she seems very sincere and has some really interesting insight and perspectives. I was ready for Jeff Fieger and the others to rip her apart, but they also seem intrigued by her and the book. I must say... I am almost curious enough to buy the book myself!
Kim Nagy
Weston, OH

E-mail No. 2

Hi Greta,
After seeing your show last night, in which you asked a couple questions of the Lunsford Grandparents, I have a question.
Could you clarify as to whether the Lunsfords had their attorney at their side? Or was that some other attorney that was appearing on your show?
People have speculated that it was the grandparent's attorney and that needs to be cleared up, if you would please.
There are a lot of unanswered questions in this case. If you have them back, I hope you will have some better questions prepared.
Fox Fan,
Liz P.
Kamiah, ID

ANSWER: I interviewed the Lunsford grandparents in Tampa, Florida and there was no lawyer present. I don't think the grandparents have a lawyer. The grandparents arrived with other family members but no lawyer.

E-mail No. 3

Dear Greta,
As much as I enjoy your program, your coverage of the Chicago-based murders of the husband and mother of Judge Lefkow is most shallow and discouraging. Blaming a so-called white supremacist may be politically correct and certainly gives your guests a forum to sanctimoniously mouth off like congressmen in a hearing, but it totally ignores the all-important question of cui bono?
What about the judge's current docket. What's on it? Could not the murders be an attempted intimidation of the judge? As I understand it, the question of "who betrayed Valerie Plame" is on it via special prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald.
For once, just once, I'd like to see an investigation that digs into a situation and reveals the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I am capable of drawing a conclusion with all the evidence, letting the chips fall where they may.
Of course, you do have to keep your job...
Laura Kirmse
Roanoke, VA

ANSWER: Our show has discussed the theory that it could be a targeted murder — but we have also discussed that it could be a random crime. Right now, we have no idea the motive. Frankly, I hope the police check to see if perhaps Michael Lefkow was the target himself. Did he have a disgruntled client? This is a possibility but of course I have no proof of this only a belief that EVERYTHING and EVERYONE should be investigated.

E-mail No. 4

I can't believe you lowered yourself to have those to women on the show tonight. How you can have any respect for Gloria Allred, I cannot figure. And with Scott's sister all you ever asked was softball questions. You never confronted her. I am sorry, even if Scott is guilty, a sister should never have written a book about her "thoughts" not proof of her brother's guilt. That is a true person out for money at the lowest, and with Gloria behind her. They both should truly be ashamed to be making money off such a tragedy and I just can't believe she would do this to her own family. It did not need to be done at all. It was for nothing but money and must also be a hate for her mother also. Not only should I say shame on them but you also. Gloria and Scott's sister are just sick, sick people. I should have never started watching your program again. The only reason I did is because I watch Hannity before you and left it on FOX. Don't know once again if I can ever watch your program again. Where did the classy lady Greta go to?

E-mail No. 5

Let me get this straight. Jackie wanted Scott to meet someone more like "the 22 yr old babysitter?" And his wife was seven months pregnant, and missing. She wanted to send Laci a book on "how to send thank you notes." Could she have hated her more? This entire family is way too dysfunctional, including Anne Bird for writing the book. UNBELIEVABLE!

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