To quote Reverend Wright, it looks like the "chickens have come home to roost."

Referring to McCain and Palin, Barack Obama used the phrase "lipstick on a pig." He now claims McCain seized this innocent remark because it's "catnip for the news media."

Okay, so we've got chickens, pigs and catnip. What is it about Obama and his lurid obsession with animals? More importantly: no unicorns? I hate the politics of exclusion.

Can I be the first to say, "I adore his manufactured outrage"? I mean, Barack is pissed because his own words have been twisted to make him look mean-spirited and sexist. But isn't this what his supporters have been doing to anyone who dare question Barack’s own sainthood?

They railroaded Hillary, they've labeled FOX News racist and the crap they've spewed about Sarah Palin was pretty crappy. Obama-mites have spent the last two years saying that any criticism of their savior comes from a darker place, that subconscious level where every single one of us is an undocumented member of the Aryan book club.

But here's the thing: I don't think Obama was calling Sarah a pig. He was using an old phrase meant to describe someone trying to gussy something up that's still bad. So Obama is innocent, I think.

But I wonder if the left-wing media would be as fair to the right, if they had done the same thing. I mean, in my opinion, when Obama tries to camouflage his own mistakes by blaming others, he's simply "painting a turd" — to use a phrase identical to "lipstick on a pig." I wonder what the Huffington Post and Keith Olbermann think of that.

And if you disagree with me, then you sir are worse than Hitler.

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