What's Unspooling This Weekend?

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What's unspooling this weekend at your local mega phonic Dolby-shattering multiplex? It's premiering here in the Foxlight.

Don't call it a remake. Ok, it has the same name, but Planet of the Apes is being touted as a "re-imagining," whatever that is.

Mark Wahlberg is the new Charlton Heston. But the real star is probably Rick Baker's make-up. That's Michael Clarke Duncan, Tim Roth and Helena Bonham Carter in those ape suits.

This film has been in development since before the dawn of man at Fox. Originally, James Cameron and Ah-nold were attached. But the fur flew in Tim Burton's direction. And he's been noodling with it night and day. These bloody apes!

Next, one of the few brave souls opening against this 800-pound gorilla - the Sundance favorite, Wet Hot American Summer?

Janeane Garofalo and David Hyde Pierce head this ensemble cast. It's about a summer camp in 1981 and it's getting great buzz, but can anything survive against these bloody apes?