What You Said About Sex: The Readers Respond

Talk about Too Much Information! The Sex File is only a few weeks old, but readers have sent a deluge of mail detailing their own questions, experiences and feedback.

The column on making love in the morning, in particular, prompted a number of readers to share their own proclivities.

"I was thrilled to read your article!" wrote Janet Buff. "My husband is 46 years old; I am 45. Sometimes at night, we do get tired and making love seems to go on forever. We decided to take some time in the morning to make love. We make sure the children are busy (they are older so they can keep busy with school work and the computer work)."

"Besides the fact that morning sex brings you together, it gives you something to think about all day," wrote an anonymous reader from Albany, N.Y. "It can bring a smile to your face anywhere from five to 25 times a day just thinking about it, and it actually allows you to 'feel' it all over again, all day long."

Not everybody is such a fan of love in the a.m. — at least during the weekday. "What you wrote is true for some couples, but my case is quite different," Sutara Lor wrote.

"My spouse always feels used when I start first without waking her up. And Monday through Friday, there's not enough time in the morning before going to work. But it really works during the weekend when there's nothing to worry about. Newly wedded couples may be different, as I remember."

And some readers felt the topic was entirely inappropriate. "I'd rather be served a plate of yellow journalism than this gutter slop," wrote Kathy Schaperjahn. "If you guys can't present a more professional news format, I'll go read somewhere else."

We may have lost at least one reader, but the FOXNews.com health team can also take credit for spurring at least one romantic episode. "I'm going to print this story out and bring it home to my sweetie tonight," an anonymous Albany reader wrote, "and I'm sure we're going to have a 'bonding moment' tomorrow morning!"

Sleepsexers Unite!

Our article about sleepsexers, people who make love during the night and have no recollection the next morning, also seemed to strike a chord.

"I was overjoyed to find out my fiance is not the only one who does this!" Kymberly wrote. "This happens more than I care for since I hate to be woken up for any reason. During sleepsex Vince is very gentle and loving. He will say all kinds of sweet things to me, but at the same time, trying to get him to stop is not easy. It is like he is on a mission."

"I have been told about my night-time activities by more than one person," Kymberly's boyfriend Vince added. "I have been told that I am completely different when I am asleep. I have been told that I may stop as quickly as I started and go back to sleeping as if nothing happened."

For dual-sleepsexer relationships, the experience is quite different.

"My husband and I are both sleepsexers," writes Juli Osborne, 32. "We both awake in the morning remembering the most surreal incredible experience but usually with another person in our dream. It is a cool way to have an affair with no trouble."